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Valorant started their inaugural season off with a bang by introducing a new map, skins, agent, and cosmetics. The developers have continued this same hype into the second act by releasing yet another agent, a new game mode, and more. Ignition: Act II and its battlepass is set to release on August 4.

Act II’s battlepass will cost 1,000 Valorant Points (VP) for the paid version of the pass. If players don’t want to spend the credits, they can still play through the pass and earn the free tiers. The pass will feature multiple cosmetics from weapon skins to player cards and more. Unfortunately, the pass will not feature unlockable Valorant Points to let users buy the pass again if they complete it. You can earn Radianite Points throughout the pass to upgrade existing weapon skins that are sold separately.

Valorant Act II weapon skins

Just like Act I, there will be three different weapon skin collections in this battlepass. The three collections are titled Hivemind, POLYfox, and Red Alert. Each collection can be unlocked for multiple weapons throughout the battlepass. Valorant developers have proven that cosmetics are important to the game and continue to give us amazing skins.

Valorant BP skins
Riot Games

Valorant will be releasing another weapon skin pack to the shop when the season goes live on August 4. The collection, which Valorant has titled “Glitchpop,” was first featured on their Twitter page. You can purchase the entire bundle for 8,700 VP which will give you four weapon skins (Bulldog, Frenzy, Judge, and Odin) and a knife. Each skin will cost 2,175 VP when sold separately, while the knife will be 4,350 VP on its own.

In addition to the battlepass, Valorant will be releasing their brand-new agent Killjoy and a highly anticipated free-for-all Deathmatch game mode that is set to release on August 5. Valorant will also be receiving a new competitive ranking system which reflects your accomplishments between acts.

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