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Yesterday, the full-on collaboration between streamers continued when 50+ of the world’s biggest creators hopped on one single Rust server. This collaboration really started when Among Us skyrocketed to the top of the gaming world but has continued into other titles. Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter was a part of the huge Rust stream and hyped it up quite a bit on social media. However, things took a turn for the worse when the popular YouTube streamer ended her stream while still playing Rust.

Valkyrae ends huge Rust stream suddenly

This stream was supposed to be a fun time for both the streamers and the viewers. It’s extremely rare to have so many high-profile creators together on one game at the same time, but a game like Rust supports this kind of endeavor.

Things seemed to be moving along great at the beginning of Valkyrae’s stream. She was interacting with her chat as always and appeared to be enjoying herself playing in the open-world sandbox. Although, as the broadcast progressed, viewers could tell the streamer was having less and less fun.

Her chat was not on members-only, which allowed thousands of casual viewers to talk freely. While not all of the comments were negative, most were hurtful comments about Valkyrae’s gameplay in Rust or the fact that she’s not playing one of her popular games.

Eventually, this seemed to get to her, as she turned off the broadcast after saying, “I’m gonna end stream. I’m not having fun streaming.”

Almost immediately after this occurred, the hashtag #ValkyraeSupport started to trend on Twitter. Her fans started to flood her mentions with loving comments and overall support. The community didn’t have to wait too long to hear from her though, as she sent out a tweet shortly following the stream.

It’s unclear when Valkyrae will come back to YouTube, but her fans surely want her to take all the time she needs.

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