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Whether you think it’s a smart move or an odd one, the all-female Vaevictis Esports is here to stay. After going 0-14 in what can only be described as the worst League of Legends spring split performance of all time, they are looking to shake things up in order to, hopefully, come out swinging in the summer split.

After a month of tryouts, which were open to any female that was Diamond 3 or above, they have made their final roster decisions.

We have a whole host of roster moves to cover here, so we will cover it player by player, starting with the players from the spring roster.

Diana «TR1GGERED» Ivanchenko

Vaevictis Esports

After a poor performance in the top lane, TR1GGERED has been let go from the roster. She has taken to a career as a graphic designer and still streams part-time. You can catch her over at her Twitch channel or on her Instagram.

Aida «Merao» Kazaryan

Merao is still going strong in the jungle and is the only spring member to stay in her original position.

Elena «VioletFairy» Koval

Vaevictis Esports

VioletFairy had a very shaky performance in the mid lane, failing to be the central pillar that the team needed. She has been moved from the main roster to the substitute position.

Ksenia «Trianna» Mescheryakova

Vaevictis Esports

Trianna has been moved from the ADC role to the support role. Hopefully, with the move from being the carry to the backbone of the team, she will manage to not crumble under the pressure.

Nataliya «Ankote» Zayko


Ankote has been dropped from the Vaevictis Esports roster after failing to perform. She has little-to-no social media presence, so as of now it is unknown what she is doing.

Elina «Intgration» Sokolova

Intgration Elina Sokolova

After joining the team as an active top lane sub partway through the spring split, Intgration has been promoted to the main roster. She will be playing in the ADC position alongside former ADC player Trianna.

Anastasiya «HellMa» Pleyko


Moving into the first of the two new pickups, we have HellMa in the top lane. She is a Diamond 3 jungle main who currently averages a 50 percent win rate in solo queue. With her rank barely scraping the minimum requirement for joining the team and also HellMa being put in an unfamiliar position, we will have to wait and see if she proves to be a good pickup or a disappointment.

Olga «PewPewSolari» Arsenyeva

The last of the two new pickups, PewPewSolari, will be taking over as the starting mid laner. Solari is a Grandmaster 212 LP flex main who currently averages a 53 percent win rate in solo queue. Solari has the highest rank of any of the VS members and is also used to playing every role rather competently. These things combined make her an ideal candidate for the mid lane position, as she has the flexibility and experience required to become an anchor for the team. She is definitely one to watch as the split progresses.

Look out for Vaevictis Esports to see how they perform during the LCL summer split, which starts on July 20!