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Modern Warfare changed CoD esports this year. The Call of Duty League now consists of 12 city-based professional teams with home and away games like traditional sports. It also gave life to a new program called the Challengers circuit for up and coming talent. Nathaniel “Pentagrxm” Thomas is a Challenger player for UYU. He is someone that is highly regarded by many franchise teams and is seen as someone who will help bring in the next generation of CoD esports. We are very fortunate to have him join us for this interview to share his road to success and his journey to becoming a pro in Modern Warfare.


Joining me today is an up and coming talent that the entire CoD community has their eyes on. He and his teammates won the first 2k of the Modern Warfare Challenger season and were picked up by UYU shortly after. Nathaniel “Pentagrxm” Thomas has been a part of the competitive CoD community since February of 2018 where he played for Lethal Divide. His hard work is paying off and I have no doubt he will find himself a part of a franchise in the near future. Nathan, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Pentagrxm: Hello, my name is Nathan “Pentagrxm” Thomas. I am 19 years old & I have been competing in Call of Duty for 2 years, with my first local being in 2017 during Infinite Warfare. I turned 18 around the middle of the year in WW2 and went to my first major event, placing T64. Ever since then I fell in love with COD & have grinded to make it to the top ever since. 


You and your teammates have caught the eyes of many Modern Warfare franchise teams. So much so that you are in the pro scrim rotations. What kind of advantage does that give you over the other Challenger teams? 

Pentagrxm: Being able to scrim the high tier teams gives us many different looks on how to play the game & keeps us on our game 24/7. Being able to take every scrim 100% serious because we know the other team is good helps a lot.


Dallas Empire main AR Crimsix acknowledged on Twitter that your team is “better than every pro team except for maybe Atlanta FaZe.” That is a very high amount of praise coming from a veteran like Crim. What do you think attributes to your team being so good? 

Pentagrxm: This team has no ego. We are all open to learning, all open to communicating how we feel, we all want this more than anything. We believe in each other’s capabilities & trust one another on the map. 


It seems some franchise teams are announcing P2P events at their home games, Atlanta FaZe being the most recent. Will fans be able to see you competing at such events along with the opens? 

Pentagrxm: Any LANs that are open to the P2P scene I will be at, no doubt about it. 


My last question for you is, why Call of Duty? What about the series drew you in and made you want to strive to be the best? 

Pentagrxm: I have been playing Call of Duty since I was a 6 year old kid. I fell in love with the game a long time ago, and went through phases of “trickshotting” and sniping. I found out about gamebattles & UMG toward the end of Bo3, early IW and just never stopped since then. 


Thank you so much for the interview, Nathan. Before I let you go, please tell us where we can find you and your Modern Warfare content. 

Pentagrxm: You can find me on Twitter and I stream daily on Twitch