Upcomer's LEC Community All-Pro team and MVP for spring 2022
best LEC players 2022
Malrang, vetheo and Hylissang are among the best LEC players of 2022 according to a community voting

Upcomer’s LEC Community All-Pro team and MVP for spring 2022

What if fans decided the LEC awards?

For 2022, Riot Games announced that League Of Legends European Championship awards are reverting back to an expert voted award, which drew criticism from some due to 2021’s community-focused awards in 2021. But while Riot may not be asking the community this year, what would a community vote look like for 2022?

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Fortunately, Upcomer has come to the rescue by sharing the results of a Twitter poll where LEC fans got to vote for their all-pro team and MVP of the Spring regular season 2022.

It is worth noting that the result of this poll may not be a perfect representation of the entire community. Additionally, experts, pundits and professionals that will participate in the LEC awards have to vote for players in the first, second and third all-pro team. In the votes we collected, the second and third all-pro teams are determined with who came second and third in the votes. This can also contribute to making results differ.

Upcomer’s community LEC First All-Pro Team

Top lane: Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik

Jungle: Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong

Mid lane: Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié

Bot lane: Elias “Upset” Lipp

Support: Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov

Second Upcomer’s community LEC Second All-Pro Team

Top lane: Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu

Jungle: Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski

Mid lane: Marek “Humanoid” Brázda

Bot lane: Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos

Support: Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé

Third Upcomer’s community LEC Third All-Pro Team

Top lane: Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen

Jungle: Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla

Mid lane: Emil “Larssen” Larsson

Bot lane: Patrik “Patrik” Jírů

Support: Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus

It was a rough competition between Broken Blade and Odoamne in the votes. However, the top laner of G2 Esports took the lead with 44.2% of the votes. The jungler position was extremely close for the third position between Elyoya, Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz and Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, but Malrang won first team honors with 51% of the votes. In the mid lane, Vetheo is a clear winner with 75.1%.

Finally, in the bot lane, there are two Fnatic players: Upset with 69.9% of the votes in his role and Hylissang, who reached 81.5%. Hylissang has the highest percentage of votes out of any player in any role.

Upcomer’s community MVP of the split

After earning 59.6% of the votes, the fans (of this poll) selected Vetheo as MVP of the LEC regular 2022 season. In his second year playing in the LEC, Vetheo is often claimed to be one of the main reasons Misfits Gaming finished in third place, which is above most expectations.

Europe is known for producing many quality mid laners who play on teams across Europe and North America, and Vetheo looks like he’s leading this younger generation of mid lane prodigies right now. It will be interesting to see if experts think the same for the LEC awards.

Also, for the record, Hylissang finished second for MVP with 30.5% of the votes.

Thanks again to the 7,414 of people who voted for Upcomer‘s LEC community all-pro team and MVP awards, and congrats to those players who won.

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