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Esports organization Griffin revealed earlier today that the new mid laner for the roster has been signed. The newest member of Griffin is none other than Son โ€œUcalโ€ Woo-hyeon, the former star mid laner of the Afreeca Freecs. After all that has happened with Griffin in 2019, this is a major step forward towards a much better year.

Ucalโ€™s history in the LCK

Ucal has been competing in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) since May 2017. At the time, being only 16 years old, he became the substitute mid laner for the KT Rolster organization. While he didnโ€™t get his first opportunity to play until January of 2018, he got the opportunity to train with the best on this prestigious esports team. In his first season competing in the LCK 2018 Spring, he managed to lead his team to 3rd place in both the regular season and the LCK 2018 Spring Playoffs.

This, however, was only the beginning of Ucalโ€™s success in 2018, as he followed his debut season up by winning the LCK 2018 Summer Split and LCK 2018 Summer Playoffs later in the year. However, there was a disappointing performance at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, as the team lost out in the quarter-finals. Then it was time for Ucal to move on to a new opportunity.

This path led him to a disappointing year with the Afreeca Freecs, ending 9th in spring and 5th in the summer season of the 2019 LCK. Now, however, Ucal is getting a shot at redemption with the new roster of Griffin.

Sharing the spotlight in the new Griffin roster

While Ucal is among the best mid laners in Korea, it is unlikely he will have a starting position within the team. He will be competing with Shin โ€œRatherโ€ Hyeong-seop, who has been with the team since November of 2016, and with the recently signed Yoo โ€œNaehyunโ€ Nae-hyun, the former star mid laner of DragonX. With less than three weeks left to practice before the LCK begins, the new roster has some work to do.

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