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The DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019 China qualifier has come to a close, with TYLOO successfully qualifying for the upcoming DreamHack event. TYLOO came in as the favorites, but they had no easy path to the final. ViCi made the road more difficult for them by relegating them to the lower bracket. Nevertheless, TYLOO made it to the final, where they beat the ViCi team to ultimately qualify.

ViCi make TYLOO’s life difficult

After a grueling matchup against ViCi at an early stage during the upper bracket of the China qualifier, ViCi overcame TYLOO 2-1. This caused TYLOO to drop into the lower bracket. The #34 team ranked in the world, they had to beat Lynn Vision, 8EASY, and 5POWER to reach the final. Meanwhile, ViCi was only required to overcome one more opponent in the upper bracket, 5POWER, which they did quite easily. TYLOO had to face two more best-of-three matchups before ending up in the final against ViCi once again.

TYLOO come back stronger

With the one and only spot for DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019, it was do or die time for both teams.

TYLOO came into the match angry, as they absolutely decimated their opponents on Mirage. ViCi was left with no room to breathe on their counter-terrorist side. At half-time, it was already 13-2 in favor of TYLOO. ViCi’s t-side didn’t go too well either; despite ViCi getting two bomb plants, TYLOO successfully dismantled the bombsite defense to defuse the bombs and snatched the last three rounds. TYLOO destroyed ViCi 16-3 on Mirage.

Compared to Mirage, Vertigo, the second map, turned out to be a whole different matchup. Both sides kept trading blows. The first half ended in chaos, with a very close 8-7 scoreline for ViCi on their t-side. TYLOO also went rampant on their t-side, but it was not good enough to secure a safe lead. In the end, the match went into tight overtime. ZhiHong “aumaN” Liu put up big numbers for his side, and at last ViCi managed to secure the second map with a close score of 19-17.

After a very close second map, the decider, Overpass, left much to be desired from the ViCi lineup. The map was Mirage all over again, as TYLOO’s initial t-side was too much to handle for their opponents. ViCi ended the half at a disappointing 11-4 score. ViCi started off well on t-side of their own, getting the pistol and the subsequent round, but that would be all she wrote. TYLOO switched on their full buys and bagged the last five rounds, guaranteeing them the big W at a 16-6 score.

The Aftermath

TYLOO have gotten their revenge on ViCi. Despite a tight Vertigo, they outclassed their opponents in every possible way. Despite an all-around team effort, it was YuanZhang “AttackeR” Sheng that mostly led the charge for his side, ending the three-map battle with 61 frags and the highest rating.

The well-known Chinese side, TYLOO, have qualified for DreamHack Masters Malmo. Still, they will also be present at the upcoming StarLadder Major. Hopefully, we’ll see them go a long way in both events.

What do you think of TYLOO’s performance at the China qualifier? Let us know down in the comments below, and as always, remember to follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest news in CSGO as well as other major esports.