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TYLOO, paiN Gaming and Renegades have been added to the growing tally of teams eliminated from the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. They have joined GODSENT and Sharks Esports, who were eliminated yesterday.

Day 3 of the PGL Major’s Challenger stage pitted the six teams with 1-2 records against each other in the Swiss-style bracket. The matches were all best-of-three, since the losing team would be eliminated. The winning team survived to fight again tomorrow on Day 4, where they will play one more best-of-three. They will either advance or will be sent packing from the PGL Major.

TYLOO, the one team qualifying out of the Asia region, faced elimination after going down 1-2 in their match record. They lost to Heroic and beat Sharks on Day 1. Another loss on Day 2 against Team Spirit put them against the ropes. TYLOO came into their best-of-three match on Day 3 looking to keep their tournament alive. They fell short after going 1-2 against Movistar Riders.

PaiN Gaming became the third Brazilian team to be sent out of the major after losing their match to Astralis 2-0. The second map of Ancient saw the Danes come back from a huge 8-15 deficit and force the overtime. Despite an excellent performance from AWPer Rafael “saffee” Costa paiN lost the OT and were eliminated. PaiN had previously knocked out Sharks in a best-of-three match on Day 3 that prolonged their major appearance. They originally qualified to the major through the North American regional major rankings with Challenger status.

Renegades found themselves in the 1-2 position after losing to Movistar Riders and beating paiN Gaming on Day 1. They lost to BIG Esports on Day 2. Finally, the Oceanic team faced MOUZ in a tense back-and-forth best-of-three that ended on Vertigo. Despite a massive comeback on Mirage, Renegades were the worst of the two teams and the series ended 2-1 for MOUZ. The Renegades were the last of the three minor regions — Asia, South America and Oceania — to lose their representative at the PGL Major.

The PGL Major continues tomorrow, Oct. 29, with Day 4 of the event. Three best-of-three matches of BIG vs. MOUZ, Heroic vs. Movistar Riders and Spirit vs. Astralis will close out the Challengers stage of the event. The three winners will qualify for the Legends stage starting Oct. 30. The three losers will be eliminated from the major.