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Felix “xQc “Lengyel was banned from Twitch yet again yesterday, but this time, for stream sniping. While xQc is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, his actions haven’t always been in line with Twitch’s code of conduct.

During the Fall Guys portion of GlitchCon 2020 Twitch Rivals event, xQc watched the stream of the opposing team. His team went on to win the tournament and earn cash prizes. Stream sniping is against Twitch’s rules, so Twitch handed down a ban and declared xQc’s prize money forfeit.

Tyler1 chimes in

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, the controversial League of Legends streamer, had some words on the subject. Tyler1 isn’t unfamiliar with bans, as he couldn’t play the game that made him famous for over a year for breaking the code of conduct.

After making some jokes about how he hopes xQc’s ban is permanent, he goes on to make a serious comment about it. “No shit he got banned, dude he stream sniped on stream. He had to be banned, or it sets a bad example.”

What Tyler1 says makes sense. Twitch needs to uphold its code of conduct, and what xQc did was a blatant violation of the rules. He shouldn’t get any special treatment here regardless of his popularity. Twitch needs to make sure no one thinks this is okay.

Tyler1 goes on to question whether people are actually shocked by the ban, “Dude what, are people surprised?” It seems pretty obvious to him that the ban is fair, regardless of what fans think of it.

Whether fans like it or not, xQc can’t participate in Twitch Rivals events for six months, and it looks like he won’t be live streaming for awhile either. Tyler1 on the other hand is still around, so if you’re mourning the loss of xQc’s streams, perhaps you should head over to his channel for a bit.