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Welsh content creator Reece “Reecesy” broke the world record for the longest continuous Twitch broadcast on May 11. Previously, CallMeCypher held the record at 200:18:17 after snagging the title from LosPollosTV in April. However, it was only a matter of time before more content creators went after the record themselves.

Reecesy is a small streamer with a little over 7,500 followers whose modest following enjoys watching him play Valorant, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone. On May 3 he set forth on the challenge of a lifetime. For eight days he broadcast to friends and followers, streaming mostly Valorant, Marbles, and Just Chatting.

Reecesy achieves his goals

After more than 200 hours on May 11, Reecesy bested his predecessor by just over 12 minutes. His official recorded time was 200:30:28. Reecesy enthusiastically announced his feat on Twitter and thanked his community for supporting him.

Just before setting the record, Reecesy counted down the final seven seconds. When the time came, he boasted to his chat and happily danced around his room. Unfortunately, his broadcast experienced a technical hiccup and ended shortly after.

Language warning for the following video:

Not his first rodeo

The streamer’s history of brutally long broadcasts makes him a perfect candidate for breaking CallMeCypher’s record. In December 2019, Reecesy plowed through a 72-hour charity stream. Together with his community, Reecesy met his challenge and raised over 2,700 pounds. All proceeds were donated to Centrepoint, a charity geared towards supporting homeless youth.

Furthermore, according to his Twitter, he’s racked up an astonishing 500 hours streamed in the last 30 days. Once again, he thanked his community and supporters for showing him love and believing in him.

Reecesy’s world record is an amazing accomplishment. If the trend continues, we may see more Twitch streamers set out to break his new record. Maybe we’ll see Reecesy try to break his own record one day and push the limits even further.

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