TSM FTX CEO Dinh fined $75,000, gets 2-year probation from Riot Games
TSM's Andy Dinh was
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TSM FTX CEO Dinh fined $75,000, gets 2-year probation from Riot Games

The TSM owner was initially cleared of wrongdoing by a third-party internal investigation

Owner of esports organization TSM FTX Andy Dinh has been fined and is receiving a 2-year probation following an investigation from Riot Games and the League of Legends Championship Series Players Association into alleged mistreatment of employees. This was a separate investigation from the internal one that TSM did with a third-party in May 2022, which found that Dinh had committed “no unlawful conduct.”

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“The findings and associated consequences announced today have the potential to ensure a lasting impact on the workplace at TSM that will benefit all their players and staff,” the LCSPA said in a statement.

Dinh has been placed on probation from working with all Riot Games properties for two years. Dinh also has to pay $75,000 and “must undergo comprehensive sensitivity training by a verified and pre-approved third party.”

Dinh faces repercussions after toxic workplace accusations

This investigation revolves around Washington Post report that highlighted workplace issues at TSM. The post cited TSM employees who described behaviors by Dinh such as public shaming and creating a “culture of fear” at TSM.

Later on that month, the original investigation done by TSM in coordination with a third-party found no reason to punish the CEO, though TSM did add a company hotline for reporting impropriety in the workplace and made Dinh go to personal coaching. Dinh apologized for his aggressive behavior in an email to WIRED at the time but defended his approach.

“I have zero tolerance for underperformance,” the CEO said in the statement. “I am intense, passionate, driven, and relentless in the pursuit of winning- it’s my nature. I set an extremely high bar, and when I feel that someone is not delivering, I directly and bluntly share that feedback.

“I know I need to work on my delivery, and I am working to improve the way I communicate with my team and those around me.”

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