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Ever since the official multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, information has been pouring in. Most of it’s coming from content creators who were able to play the alpha version of the game early. For example, YouTuber XclusiveAce was able to test the game’s time-to-kill and reported this information back to the community. However, some of the multiplayer details are coming from developer Treyarch. One dev even disclosed how the controversial Flinch mechanic will work in Black Ops Cold War.

The Flinch mechanic in Black Ops Cold War

Since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Flinch has been one of the more controversial features in the series. Essentially, this mechanic is how much your gun kicks up whenever you’re aiming down sights and you get shot. If you’ve played Call of Duty in the past, you’ll know most games feature some pretty big Flinch.

While it was mostly accepted, fans still didn’t enjoy the mechanic. It was extremely difficult to reposition your gun while ADS’ing and getting shot at the same time. In turn, this made it much harder to earn kills in tougher gunfights.

However, in Black Ops Cold War, this mechanic will largely just be for show. Treyarch developer Tony Flame disclosed some great news with regards to Flinch in BOCW.

According to Flame, Flinch will only be in the game to provide feedback when you’re taking damage. If you played Black Ops 2, this is essentially what the Toughness perk did. However, now Toughness is built into the game, and most fans are loving this change.

black ops cold war flinch

It remains to be seen if this is a good change or not. Although, with the open beta coming up on October 8, Treyarch will be able to take in data and make any necessary adjustments to Flinch if needed.

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