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Toronto Ultra rookie Jamie “Insight” Craven performed above expectations in his debut CDL match against Los Angeles Thieves. 

Insight has bounced between amateur Call of Duty rosters since early 2015 when he first started competing. It wasn’t until Call of Duty franchised in 2020 with Modern Warfare that the rookie got his chance with a big organization. 

Ultra bench Methodz for Insight

Toronto Ultra picked up their ten-man roster at the start of Modern Warfare with the hopes of being able to swap members of their roster whenever. Despite the multiple players on their bench, Toronto Ultra continued to struggle as a mid-tier team. In Cold War, the results remained the same and Toronto was only able to win one game in their group before the Major.

After losing to the Los Angeles Thieves in round 3 of the Loser’s Bracket at the Stage 1 Major, Toronto decided a change needed to happen. They benched long-time player Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, for rookie Insight before the second group stage began. Despite his lack of experience in professional play, Insight dominated. 

Insight carries Toronto Ultra to a game five 

Los Angeles Thieves looked composed in the first map of the series, taking a lead over Toronto Ultra. However, Insight was able to bring his team back during Search and Destroy by going 11/6 to secure the map 6-4. 

With the series now tied up 1-1, the next map would decide who would take the lead in the series. LA Thieves struck back on Control, using that to push them towards the lead. However, Ultra weren’t out yet and were able to push it to a game five with their dominant performance on Checkmate Hardpoint. After the 250-115 victory, Insight was double positive with a score line of 28/14. 

In the fifth and final map, LA Thieves took an early lead 4-1 before Toronto began to bounce back. Insight was on track to beat Search and Destroy, with 20 kills in a row but fell short. The game was taken to a nail-biting round 11 but LA Thieves proved to be the better opponent. However, Insight was able to come close to beating Search and Destroy going 18/8.

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