Toronto Defiant sign Aspire after COVID-19 roster changes
Aspire sign Toronto Defiant
Provided by the Toronto Defiant.

Toronto Defiant sign Aspire after COVID-19 roster changes

The Defiant aim to compete after a tough break with a quick signing

The Toronto Defiant have signed American hitscan player Luka “Aspire” Rolovic, formerly of American Tornado and DarkMode NA. This change was made after a COVID-19 outbreak struck the Defiant team, affecting three people in the organization.

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With upcoming games against tough opponents, nobody outside of the Defiant knew if their roster was intact. After their hitscan player Andreas “Logix” Berghmans went to the hospital with breathing issues, fans were worried. Logix himself tweeted about it but the Defiant have games to play soon. To help players recover, Aspire joins the team to fill in the substitute roles they need, for thirty days or more.

Aspire’s path to the Defiant

Aspire has been all over the Tier 2 Overwatch scene. This includes teams like Revival, Triumph, Malibu and, more recently, American Tornado and DarkMode NA. In the middle of 2020, he won Open Divison with Revival over Karasuno, promoting them to NA Contenders. He moved to DarkMode NA afterwards, not having a great March but finishing second place in April. From the compilations he posts of his play, it’s clear why.

While Aspire was part of the American Tornado, it was only for a week before getting picked up to the Overwatch League. Known for his play on heroes like Tracer, Ashe and Widowmaker, he will fill in the specific hero pool the Defiant needs.

As we don’t know right now who on the Defiant has been affected by the outbreak, Aspire’s game time isn’t guaranteed. But, the signing itself lends to the possibility of him playing this weekend.

Toronto tries to keep it together

The 2021 season for the Defiant has been good but not great. They beat the opponents that they have expected to beat. However, they also lose handily to teams better than they are. Even before this outbreak, the Defiant have a tough schedule for their second week of the June Joust. The San Francisco Shock looks to bounce back from their poor May Melee, and then the Outlaws look to improve their record. These are two tough teams to beat. But now, with the outbreak, the Defiant needed to pick up more depth. If both hitscan players are among the infected members in the Defiant staff, Aspire will play this weekend. He has a hard task to do, integrating with a full Korean team against tough opponents.

There is a chance that Aspire can do well. However, even if he doesn’t, it wouldn’t be entirely his fault. Either way, this contract only lasts for a month and we’ll see if the Defiant sign him after that time expires. For now, this American player has his shot to play and stay in the Overwatch League.

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