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The top 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 storylines this season

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The Modern Warfare beta is just around the corner. Before the game goes live and fans flock to lose two weekends worth of time to high octane gunfights, let’s take some time to recap the past season. Black Ops 4 marks a momentous point in Call of Duty esports, the final season before waves of change coming to the scene. As we gear up for the start of the new franchising season, these are the top five storylines from Black Ops 4.

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Midnight Esports short-lived fame

No one saw Midnight Esports qualifying for the CWL Pro League, especially in such a dominating fashion. The misfit squad consisted mostly of young guns with no previous Pro League experience, barring LlamaGod. Even more surprising was the squad’s continued domination in the first half of division A’s split. Midnight Esports found themselves topping the division over the likes of OpTic Gaming and Luminosity Gaming.

The top 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 storylines this season
Credit: MLG

Unfortunately, this rags-to-riches story had an abrupt ending. Due to contract disputes with the players, Midnight Esports dismantled the entire roster. Individual players ended up on different Pro League and AM teams before the CWL Fort Worth major. The original Midnight Esports squad’s potential performance at CWL Fort Worth remains one of the scene’s biggest ‘what ifs’ to date.

Luminosity Gaming’s failed potential

Many Call of Duty fans saw Luminosity Gaming (now a subsidiary of Daily Esports’ parent company, Enthusiast Gaming) come out on top following the off-season rostermania. The star-studded lineup included the likes of world champions FormaL and John as well as multi-MVP Gunless. A decent early performance at the CWL Vegas major secured their spot in the Pro League. However, the team’s performance the following months was disjointed, disappointing, and left fans confused.

The top 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 storylines this season
Credit: MLG

Hope remained for the squad with their miraculous win at CWL Fort Worth. However, many attribute their victory to the current meta as after the event, Luminosity Gaming continued to consistently underperform. After internal issues, including benching star-player Gunless for their coach, the squad overhauled their roster during the late-season. Unfortunately, the damage was already done as Luminosity Gaming failed to make anymore high placings.

OpTic Gaming’s return to the throne

The Black Ops 4 season started off with OpTic Gaming’s redemption story. Following the dissolution of the OpTic dynasty roster and a disappointing previous season, the Green Wall were due for a victory. OpTic Gaming blasted through CWL Vegas to become the first champions of the Black Ops 4 season. 

Credit: Scuf Gaming

With a new mixed roster of veterans and young guns, this team was poised for a dominating year. Unfortunately, constant role issues and visa issues from young superstar Dashy meant that OpTic Gaming were slow to adapt to new metas. The squad eventually picked it up during the mid and late-season, but by then it was too late.

EUnited’s drought comes to an end

Throughout the year, eUnited constantly fell short of the trophy. Despite numerous finals appearances and consistently topping their Pro League division, the squad couldn’t make it happen. It had been close to three full seasons since long-time player Clayster had won a title, a narrative that almost became a meme to the community. However, a roster change of bringing in the hot prospect Simp propelled eUnited forward.

Credit: Astro

Results weren’t instant, but everyone saw eUnited’s potential. It wasn’t until CWL Miami finals where eUnited broke their losing streak. Carrying this momentum forward, eUnited made a strong run into the CWL Championships grand finals to win the entire tournament. The final championship victory of the season ended eUnited’s Call of Duty story on a high note.

100 Thieves’ rise to dominance

Nadeshot’s return to the scene with his new 100 Thieves organization resulted in one of the greatest redemption stories. The roster was filled out with champions and young guns, but that season started rocky for the team with them almost failing to qualify for Pro League. Fate changed for the team after they picked up star Priestaah and coach Crowder.

Credit: Dexerto

Although an unfortunate illness caused the Thieves to get knocked out of CWL Fort Worth, it was the mid-season where they found their stride. Winning both CWL London and CWL Anaheim back-to-back, 100 Thieves established themselves as the best team of the season. Although they lost in the grand finals, the rosters run in the season was a stronger one compared to most.

Which was your favorite team to follow this season? Make sure you take some time to let us know while queueing for matches in the Modern Warfare beta! Speaking of, check back here on Daily Esports for tips, tricks, and everything Call of Duty.