The top five guns in Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 top 5 guns
Provided by Activision

The top five guns in Modern Warfare 2

The best of the best early on in MW2

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 might only be a week old, there are several guns that have started hot right out of the gate. Interestingly enough, though, there aren’t too many legitimately overpowered weapons so far in multiplayer. We could only consider one gun truly overpowered. The rest are fairly well-balanced, all featuring their own strengths and weaknesses. Of course, there are a few that have gained an edge over the rest.

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In this guide, we’ll go over our picks for the top five guns in Modern Warfare 2, one week after launch.

1. Kastov-74u

Kastov-74u loadout Modern Warfare 2
Provided by Activision

We alluded to it earlier, but now we’re confirming that at least for now, the Kastov-74u is the one truly OP weapon in MW2. It’s so powerful that professional players and competitive websites like GameBattles have outright banned it from matches. Players can use the 74u in any way they want; whether that’s at close range, long range, or anything in between. Right now, the 74u is a two-shot kill to the head, so players should take advantage of it now before the gun is nerfed.

2. STB 556

STB 556 loadout Modern Warfare 2
Provided by Activision

Next up, we have another assault rifle. The STB 556 went slightly under the radar during the first week of Modern Warfare 2, but it’s absolutely one of the best guns in the game right now. Professionals have been using it as a replacement for the 74u, as it can act like both an AR and SMG. This is mainly thanks to the STB’s fast fire rate, little recoil, and high damage output. If you haven’t tried this AR yet, you won’t regret doing so once you do.

3. M4

M4 loadout Modern Warfare 2
Provided by Activision

Any Modern Warfare 2 player knew the M4 assault rifle was going to make this list. Since the beta, the M4 has been one of the best guns in multiplayer. It does everything that players want a strong AR to do. The M4 kills fast, shoots fast, and has tremendous accuracy even at longer ranges. While we don’t think it’s a top-two AR, it’s certainly close to that threshold.

4. Vaznev-9K

Vaznev 9K loadout in Modern Warfare 2
Provided by Activision

It’s time for our first submachine gun; we’re going with the Vaznev-9K as the top SMG and the fourth-best gun currently in MW2. Like the STB, it went slightly under the radar with the general population. Players opted to use the Hurricane, Lachmann Sub, or VEL 46 SMGs over the Vaznev since they knew what those weapons were. But once players start catching on to just how strong the Vaznev-9K is, there won’t be any stopping it.

5. SP-R 208

Sp-R 208 loadout Modern Warfare 2
Provided by Activision

Wrapping up our list, we have the SP-R 208 marksman rifle. Chances are you’ve been killed by this sniper at least once during your time in multiplayer. The marksman rifle has ridiculous mobility, an ability to one-shot kill enemies at most ranges, and great accuracy. It’s also fairly easy to use since players don’t have to equip a large scope right off the bat. As of right now, we see the SP-R as the best mobile sniper in MW2.

That’s our list for the best guns in Modern Warfare 2. This list could very well change if Infinity Ward nerfs or buffs any weapons in the future, but for now, these guns are at the top of multiplayer.

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