Top 5 champions for beginners in League of Legends
League of Legends Top 5 Champions Beginners
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Top 5 champions for beginners in League of Legends

League of Legends has been around for more than 10 years, and there isn’t a single gamer who hasn’t heard of it. However, with 148 champions currently in League of Legends, the choice of a champion can be quite overwhelming for players starting out. Worry not, newbie, for we’re here to help! Here, we’ll discuss the top five champions we believe are perfect for beginners. To keep things diverse, we’ll be featuring one champion per role. With that being said, let’s jump right into our first choice!

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Top lane: Garen, the Might of Demacia

Kicking things off, we have none other than the Demacian warrior, Garen. The top laner falls under the category of juggernauts, meaning he is quite tanky but can also pack a punch. His high defensive stats, along with his passive that gives him health regeneration out of combat, make him a safe pick for any beginners. Additionally, he has no real skill shots, so you won’t have to worry about hitting any to get your damage off. His combos are very simple, and he can be an extremely powerful duelist in the top lane. If you enjoy playing in the front line and destroying enemies with your Demacian Justice, Garen is the right pick for you.

League of Legends Top 5 Champions Beginners Garen

Jungle: Rammus, the Armordillo

Moving into the jungle, our favorite champion for beginners is Rammus. The rolling lizard is primarily a tank but can also pack a serious punch. His defensive stats and abilities make his clears fairly easy. His Q, Powerball, along with his taunt are perfect, easy-to-use gank tools that will make the enemy dread you. Rammus is especially powerful against heavy physical damage teams. Next to his taunt, which forces the enemy to attack you, his W damages enemies the more they hit you. Combine that with a Thorn Mail and watch your enemies kill themselves while desperately trying to kill you. Oh, and did I mention? Apart from his Q, you really can’t miss any of his abilities, even if your aim is horrible.

Top 5 Champions Beginners Rammus

Mid lane: Annie, the Dark Child

Taking a look at the longest lane in League of Legends (mid), there isn’t a more obvious choice than Annie. This mage, as we have gotten used to with our beginner’s picks, has very easy-to-hit abilities and can be a real threat in the lane. Learning how her passive works will let you stun your enemies on demand without a problem. And if they make you very mad, make sure to unleash the Tibbers (your ultimate) on them. While Annie isn’t particularly tanky, her Molten Shield will help you escape all those pesky ganks.

League of Legends Top 5 Champions Beginners Annie

ADC: Tristana, the Yordle gunner

Tristana is the perfect pick for any beginner looking to play the ADC role in the bottom lane. With her strong early game, long range, and mobility, you shouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to laning. Avoid the enemy ganks with your Rocket Jump, but don’t be afraid to use it offensively either. Her W, Explosive Charge, can also be used on towers, making your push really fast and efficient. And if you ever get in too much trouble, you always have your ultimate Buster Shot to make your problems go away. Literally.

best adc starter champ Tristana

Support: Sona, Maven of the String

For our last pick of this list, we have Sona in the support role. Sona will let you focus on other support-related roles, not having to worry about her mechanics. Most of her abilities don’t have to be aimed, and the only one that does (her ultimate) has a very wide hitbox and fast travel. While she is really easy to start out with, you can become a great Sona if you put the time into it. A perfectly placed Crescendo can turn any fight in your favor, and her Auras can boost your entire team to victory!

best support starter Sona lol

Did you find a League of Legends champion that fits your play style or want a guide specific to any of these champions? Let us know in the comment below!

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