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100 Thieves streamer and Call of Duty: Warzone player, Thomas “Tommey” Trewren has been banned on Twitch. When Daily Esports asked for a comment from Tommey, he said that the ban is an “absolute farce.”

Since his signing with 100 Thieves in November, Tommey has had some incredible growth on Twitch. He sees thousands of viewers join his stream every day to watch him participate in Warzone tournaments and expose cheaters.

However, as Tommey’s channel is currently banned by Twitch, that progress will be put on hold for the time being.

Tommey banned on Twitch

The ban came down from Twitch during the early afternoon of Feb. 23. Twitter account, @StreamerBans made the information public and the community responded with some confusion.

This is Tommey’s first ban on the platform and, as of yet, there’s no official reason behind it. However, reporter Jake Lucky is claiming that the reason for Tommey’s ban is due to revealing “non-sensitive personal information.”

The language behind this reason is a bit unclear. “Non-sensitive info” hasn’t warranted bans in the past. Twitch has, never the less, been on somewhat of a banning streak as of late.

In the past few weeks, several high-profile streamers have popped up on the Streamer Bans Twitter account. Creators like Fortnite professional, Cody “Clix” Conrad, and FaZe Clan member, Alexander “Adapt” Hamilton Pinkevich, have been banned from the platform.

Incidentally, a major issue behind these bans is that Twitch sometimes fails to give a reason behind the action. It’s unclear whether the same is happening with Tommey. Daily Esports was unable to reach him for further context on the ban before publication.

As Tommey stated that the ban is an “absolute farce,” it would seem that he’s not too worried about any long-term absence from Twitch. We will continue to update this article as additional information becomes available.