Today in 2022 LCK Summer: Week 2, Day 1
2022 LCK summer split Week 2 Day 1

Today in 2022 LCK Summer: Week 2, Day 1

Gen.G take down DK with Singed support and KT

The 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea summer season is well underway with games happening five days a week. For fans that don’t have time to watch all the action but want to know what is going on, Upcomer is here to provide a snappy and sweet daily recap of each day’s games. Here is what happened today in the 2022 LCK summer season on Week 2 Day 1.

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Gen.G takes down DWG KIA

In a matchup of two of the best teams in the LCK, Gen.G managed to get the best of DWG KIA in a crazy three-game series. From champ select in Game 1, spectators knew the series would be a banger.

With Gen.G looking for a support pick, Son “Lehends” Si-woo made everyone sit up in their seat by locking in Singed support. According to, since season 5 of professional League of Legends, Singed has only been picked in the support role four times. Including this game. Lehends has been the pilot in all four instances.

It also has a 100% win rate, as the pick was effective through the early and mid-game. When DK attempted to Baron 29 minutes into the game, Lehends casually walked up and stole it, netting Gen.G the Game 1 win.

DK decided one game was enough and used their first ban in Game 2 on the Singed, leading to both teams picking relative safe comps. Gen.G were up for a majority of the early and mid portions of this game, too, but a scrappy play around Baron led to a simple DK backdoored to tie the series up at 1-1.

DK decided to let Lehends have Singed back for Game 3. As a result, Game 3 was not very close. Gen.G opened the game up early and were ahead 5k gold at the 20-minute mark. And in just under 30 minutes, Gen.G marched down DK’s base and took the series 2-1 to improve to 3-0 on the season.

KT Rolster defeats FREDIT Brion

In the exact opposite of the previous series (the battle of two of the winless teams), KT Rolster and FREDIT Brion matched up in the second series of the day. There were no spicy picks either for Game 1, as both teams took to the rift with standard compositions.

Both teams elected to play the game slowly, resulting in only three kills in the first 28 minutes of the game. But with KT Rolster threatening Dragon Soul, both teams finally pushed the go button. KT secured Soul, but Park “Morgan” Gi-Tae on Kayle extended BRO’s life in the game enough to come out of the team fight on top.

Yet just a couple of minutes later, KT finally found their fight for Elder Dragon and pushed down BRO’s base for the Game 1 victory. Game 2 played out similarly to Game 1, with KT prioritizing stacking Dragons.

With the Mountain Dragon Soul in their possession, even a Baron by BRO wasn’t enough to stop KT from taking the second game after a fight at Elder Dragon.

What’s Next

The 2022 LCK summer split Week 2 continues on Thursday with Kwangdong Freecs going up against NongShim Redforce and T1 taking in Liiv SANDBOX.

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