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Team Liquid have announced that as of June 11, Jenkins will continue as their LCS top laner while Alphari takes a break until June 27 to deal with performance, personal and attitude issues. The organization earlier revealed that the roster swap will last for at least a weekend.

Now Team Liquid have decided to extend Alphari’s benching even further, and revealed the exact reasons why. In a previous video, TL’s Head Coach Josh “Jatt” Leesman inferred that there was more to Alphari swapping out, but could not say more. The lack of concrete reasons as to the roster swap led to a lot of criticism from many in the LCS community. We finally have that concrete answer.

What exactly happened with Alphari on TL LCS roster

TL decided to clear the air on the Alphari situation and their LCS roster. In their update, TL stated that Alphari was benched last week “for his performance and attitude issues”. Furthermore, these issues reportedly started during the practice leading to the Summer Split.

TL also noted that they got Alphari’s permission to divulge that some of the issues concerned his personal life. Because of this, they believe time off is needed for him to fully recover. However, they failed to clearly communicate this to Alphari and in their previous release.

Additionally, the organization has been working with Alphari to formulate a plan for the next steps. His break will last until June 27, with Liquid pledging to provide all the support he needs. Jenkins, who played for TL in their last two games, will continue for now. The 21-year-old North American top laner won one of the two games played so far. He finished the game against CLG with 12 kill involvements on the Gangplank, but died four times on the Lulu to Cloud9. While Jenkins is no Alphari, he has shown a lot of promise.