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Despite numerous attempts to get it under control, the cheating issue is still large in Call of Duty: Warzone. Over the course of the past couple of seasons, it seems like the number of cheaters has only grown. This is despite Activision claiming to ban thousands of hackers active in the battle royale. However, Season Four may just be the worst era for cheating in Warzone. This was demonstrated in a recent Twitch stream by Tim “TimTheTatman” John Betar. Not only is the cheating problem not under control, but it’s seemingly getting worse.

Warzone cheater stuns TimTheTatman

Whenever a big Twitch streamer runs into a hacker in any multiplayer game, it becomes fairly large news. The audience of thousands sees the action play out live and the streamer usually makes a fuss about the situation on social media.

However, today was a bit different, as TimTheTatman ran into one of the worst cheaters Warzone has seen. The streamer was playing with fellow Twitch partner Frozone in preparation for the $20,000 tournament hosted by Nickmercs.

During a match before the tournament, Tim was being constantly harassed by an enemy. He was getting shot from places unknown and couldn’t see to shake the enemy berating him and Frozone. Of course, after some time, the pair figured out the enemy was cheating, as none of their shots seemed to miss. TimTheTatman had a pretty on-brand response while trying to avoid the cheater.

As the montage shows, the hacker was hitting shots from up in a helicopter while switching seats. Obviously, no human can hit that many shots in a row from hundreds of feet up in the air. The hacker went on to destroy the entire lobby from that helicopter using a fairly advanced aimbot. The community’s reaction to this cheater was as expected.

As previously stated, this problem in Warzone is only growing with every passing day. However, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward has commented on the matter for some time. With Season Five on the horizon, the developers need to make a concerted effort to at least inform the community of their plans to stop cheating in Warzone.

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