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There are only four games scheduled for Day 3 of Worlds 2021, but all four are very interesting. In three of the four Worlds 2021 games, tiebreakers can be triggered, depending on the result. Here’s a breakdown of what needs to happen in each game to cause tiebreakers and what the Worlds 2021 tiebreaker procedure is.

If DetonatioN FocusMe lose to Beyond Gaming

If DFM lose to BYG, there’d be a three-way tie for second place. This would occur because BYG, DFM and Galatasaray Esports would all end up at 2-2. In this case, the two teams with the slowest victory times would play a best-of-one against each other. The team with the faster time between the two would get side selection. The loser would automatically slot into fourth place, while the winner would then face the fastest victory time team in another best-of-one. The winner of that game would claim the second seed while the loser would get the third seed.

Heading into the DFM vs. BYG match, here’s how the teams stack up in average game time. DFM sit at 31:33, BYG at 25:14 and GS 31:36. Since BYG has their only win at 25 minutes, they only need to defeat DFM in under 38 minutes to maintain the best game time. This would mean that DFM would play GS in a best-of-one tiebreaker, with the winner moving onto BYG with the second seed on the line.

If DFM beat BYG, Cloud9 lose to UoL

The first tiebreaker does not matter if DFM beat BYG. A win for DFM would put them at a 3-1 record. That record, at worst, secures them the second seed in the group, guaranteeing themselves the first round bye in to the knockout stage. However, there is a chance they can secure first place, which would automatically qualify them for the Group Stage. That chance relies on the Cloud9 vs Unicorns of Love match though.

If C9 lose to UoL, both DFM and C9 would be 3-1 and they’d be tied for first place. In this scenario, DFM and C9 would play a best-of-one match, with C9 picking sides thanks to their earlier win against DFM on Day 1. The winner would move onto the Group stage, while the loser gets the first round bye in to the play-in knockout stage.

Also in this scenario, there would be a two-way tie for fourth place between UoL and Beyond Gaming. Beyond Gaming would pick sides in that best-of-one tiebreaker, with the winner making it into the first round of the knockout stage against GS and the loser going home.

If Infinity Esports beat LNG Esports

The only tiebreaker scenario in Group A rests on this game. If Infinity Esports can pull off a major upset, this would trigger two tiebreakers. The first one being for first place, the second one being for fourth.

In this scenario, LNG will fall to 3-1, which is the same record as Hanwha Life Esports. LNG and HLE would then play a best-of-one, with LNG picking sides due to their head-to-head record. The winner would automatically qualify to the group stage while the loser would get the first round bye in to the play-in knockout stage.

The other side of this tiebreaker is for fourth place. A win would put INF at 1-3, which would guarantee them a tiebreaker match against the loser of PEACE vs. RED Canids. The loser of that game would get side selection against INF due to both teams beating INF earlier in the play-in stage. INF and the loser would play another best-of-one. Then, the winner would get a spot in the play-in knockout stage, while the loser goes home.