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The International 9 (TI9) has now officially broken the record for the highest prize pool of all time, having raised over $25M USD. In the final hours of Valve selling the Battle Level and Treasure Bundle, The International 2019 prize pool finally surpassed TI8’s for the biggest prize pool in Dota 2.

Naturally, TI is the event that matters the most mainly due to its ever-growing prize pool. When the TI9 Battle Pass released, around 54 days ago, it got off to a lightning-quick start — rising way above previous years in the same amount of time and looking set to break all kinds of records. On Thursday morning, alongside the Steam Summer Sale, Valve initiated the Battle Level Bundle — a heavily discounted combination of Battle Pass levels and treasures that has always created a small spike in the TI prize pool. In the span of just three days, we have seen a rise of over $5,000,000 as the prize pool has now reached over $25,000,000.

The weekend bundle

The bundle that was included as part of the Steam Summer Sale really boosted the prize pool over the last week. The ability for players to purchase 120 Battle Pass Levels — nine of Immortal Treasure I, six of Immortal Treasure II, and three of Immortal Treasure III — for a large discount really lit a fire under the hardcore Dota 2 community. It also helps that both Immortal Treasure II and the Wrath of the Mo’rokai special events are going to be coming out soon, which prompted fans who were holding out for a little more content in the Battle Pass to buy it. Not to mention this time around Valve officially allowed people to buy the bundle twice, which isn’t the case usually.

What’s next for Dota 2 and TI9?

Remember that there is still a lot of stuff that Valve will release into the Battle Pass itself. Whatever happens, the amount of money to win is definitely set to be huge, and we can expect TI9 to be absolutely amazing as the teams battle.

The TI9 prize pool currently sits at $25,594,003.