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Week 8 of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has concluded. There is only a week left before the playoffs and the standings are shifting; with teams now tied for both first and third place. Previous first place holders 100 Thieves have begun to fall to lower teams. Meanwhile, Immortals are on the rise just before playoffs. And, TSM are attempting to gain sole possession of first place.

100 Thieves hit a wall

The last three weeks of LCS have been rough on 100 Thieves who had previously been on an eight-game win streak. In Week 8, 100 Thieves only won of their three matches against CLG; the current worst team in the LCS. The other two matches against Cloud9 and Immortals could have been wins but 100 Thieves seemingly hit a wall in performance.

They previously had sole possession of first place but they now share the title with TSM. This is after going 1-2 during Week 8. With only a week left before playoffs, 100 Thieves have a lot of small mistakes that they need to clear up. They have a key matchup against TSM during Week 8 to potentially reclaim first place and earn the best seed possible during playoffs.

Immortals hit their stride

Immortals have been steadily improving in the last two weeks of the LCS. They have only lost to TSM in the last six matches. With a 5-1 scoreline after Week 8, Immortals could potentially climb to sixth place and overtake Dignitas. They have recently won games against 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses and Cloud9. In the last week of the LCS, Immortals have relatively easy matches against Golden Guardians, FlyQuest and Team Liquid.

Before Week 6, Immortals had been everywhere on the board but with no real direction. It wasn’t until recently that Immortals finally seemed to be finding what makes them click. Now, heading on to playoffs, Immortals could easily knock out some of the bottom teams and potentially make a run.

TSM battle for sole possession of first

TSM and 100 Thieves have been fighting for sole possession of firt place for nearly the entire year. Both teams have looked promising during the summer split. It’s nice to see a team other than Cloud9 and Team Liquid on top. After a stumble from 100 Thieves during Weeks 7 and 8 of the LCS, TSM has crawled back to tie with them for first place.

100 Thieves recently reclaimed the title after defeating TSM in a head-to-head matchup, but they’ve fallen due to missed performances against lower-tier teams. 100 Thieves and TSM will be facing off again at the start of Week 9 to determine who will continue to hold sole possession of first going forward.