Three easy comps to climb with in TFT Set 7 ranked
TFT Dragonlands TFT SEt 7

Three easy comps to climb with in TFT Set 7 ranked

Guides on how to play Nami Mages, Varus Bruisers and Corki Cannoneers

Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands is on live servers, which means it’s available for ranked play. For anyone looking for some easy comps to climb with in TFT Set 7, here are three options.

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1. Nami Mages

NAMI mage Set 7
Sample Nami Mages composition in TFT Set 7. | Provided by

The name of the game in the early days of TFT Set 7 is reroll compositions. If you’re looking for an easy composition to climb with in TFT Set 7 ranked, look no further than Nami Mages.

This comp relies on finding a 3-star Nami as fast as possible using the Astral trait. From there, you want to give her a Spear of Shojin or two for faster casts. Nami will keep the rest of your board alive while also dealing a substantial amount of damage.

You’ll want to play mages and bruisers around Nami, trying to hit Illaoi 3-star when you’re rolling for Nami if possible. She will provide you with the frontline you need.

Late game try to fit in units like Zoe and Bard for some extra crowd control. If you need an extra damage threat, try putting some items on Ryze and getting him to 3-star.

Finally, for augments, there are a lot of options — but the best is Mage Conference. The augment gives you a mage each player combat, making it possible to 3-star every mage on your board. Mage Heart, Mage Crest and Mage Crown are also good, easy options to use.

2. Varus Bruisers

Varus Bruisers
Sample Varus Bruisers composition in TFT Set 7. | Provided by

One of the strongest comps that’s still easy to play and climb with in TFT Set 7 is Varus Bruisers. Like Nami, Varus Bruisers makes use of the Astral trait to hit 3-star Varus, Illaoi and (least importantly) Skarner. Almost all your damage early will come from Varus. Illaoi and the other Bruisers will provide your frontline.

In the late game, Sy’Fen can act as a second carry if you can find some extra damage items.

Varus’ items are flexible, but Guinsoo’s Rageblade is undeniably best-in-slot. One healing item is helpful and another damage item, like Deathblade or Giant Slayer, will cap it off. You’ll want to pair him with at least one other Swiftshot, usually Twitch. Even though Xayah is the most expensive Swiftshot, without items, sometimes a Twitch can offer more value with the Attack Speed he grants through the Guild trait.

Any Swiftshot augment like Press the Attack is great, but really this comp is very flexible for augments.

3. Corki Cannoneers

Corki Cannoneers TFT Set 7
Sample Corki Cannoneers composition in TFT Set 7. | Provided by

Corki Cannoneer comps terrorized the Set 7 PBE, but since then they’ve been nerfed to a more manageable state. That said, Corki is still a strong carry, especially in lower to mid ranks. It’s also not a re-roll comp, so you can still play this even if you’re contested by other players.

Corki Cannoneers works best by getting as many Revel and Cannoneer units as you can on your board. Senna is an early game carry you swap out for Corki later into the game. Sona can also carry mana and Ability Power items if you need a secondary carry.

Unlike Varus and Nami, Corki is not one of the top comps this patch of Set 7, but it might just be the easiest. And it’s still strong if you can find the right units/items/augments.

More TFT Set 7 composition options are available here.

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