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UK rapper Bilzar dropped a hot Call of Duty: Warzone rap track – and it absolutely slaps.

In it, he spits a cold verse all about his squad’s victory in the battle royale. It starts from their jump off the plane and goes up to their wipeout of the last team to secure the win. “RPG as my secondary, so I’m sending your whip straight back to the cemetery,” he quips. Filled to bursting with Call of Duty references and puns, Bilzar traverses all kinds of crazy flows throughout the track.

If you’re not from the U.K., you might now know about UK Drill. The style of music has played a big part of the soundtrack of many British teenagers’ lives over the past few years. In drill tracks, artists use slang like “ten toes,” “chings,” and “dipping” over slow and bass-heavy instrumentals.

UK Drill is also a controversial music scene. Shows, and indeed rappers, have been targeted by police and the media for criticism. A lot of that has been generated by the lyrical content in which rappers often discuss stabbings and other illegal activities in visceral detail. However, all that hasn’t been a bar to popularity. Drill artists and tracks have hit number 1 in the UK charts, and the sound has even been endorsed by global megastar Drake.

Extended mags

Bilzar though, takes a slightly different approach with his Call of Duty: Warzone rap. Although he still rhymes over a dark and bassy drill instrumental, he drops a lot of the more obscure slang and halftime flows that make the sound unique. On the plus side, this makes the track a lot more accessible to your average Warzone fan.

Anyone who’s played the game and appreciates rap will enjoy bars like: “Got them clips with extended mags, enemy just dropped into the AO, so you know we’re gonna send him back” or “You was tryna be a pagan, now your spectating, and your boys heading to the buy station.”

All of that comes alongside some sweet gameplay shots from Bilzar himself. He even times a lot of the clips to fit the Warzone action with the content of his verses.

The rapper previously built up his career on rap battle platform Don’t Flop before turning to video games for inspiration on his latest track. His Warzone rap has so far seen an appreciable 67,000 views since it dropped on May 30.

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