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The wildly popular first season of “Arcane” has come to a close as Act 3 (Episodes 7-9) aired early Saturday morning on Netflix. The animated League of Legends series concluded its first chapter in an explosive final episode, wrapping up several storylines while leaving many more unanswered. After a roller-coaster climax, there is one big question on everyone’s mind: Will “Arcane” have a Season 2?

Warning: The below content contains major spoilers for the entire “Arcane” series.

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent confirmed Season 2 of ‘Arcane’ in 2019

As soon as Act 3 of “Arcane” concluded, fans of the series quickly began digging for any official proof that more seasons were coming. It wasn’t long before a 2019 tweet from Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent resurfaced. Long before the series ever picked up the unreal hype it carries now, Laurent confirmed that the company had committed to multiple seasons of the show.

“It is very important for us to keep both creative and financial control as we enter the world of TV. We are committed to Arcane for multiple seasons. Creative will have the space to craft amazing stories and deep characters,” said the company’s CEO.

Of course, it remains to be seen just how far along Riot Games are into the production of “Arcane” Season 2 and any other content that they have in the works. While we will get those answers in due time, fans of the series can at least rest easy knowing more “Arcane” is coming.

Update (7:22 p.m. ET): Riot has officially announced Season 2 is in production.

Act 3 of ‘Arcane’ left fans with more questions than answers

The final act of “Arcane” may be a polarizing one. On one hand, the series answered some of our most burning questions. Was Silco just using Jinx to further his agenda to become dictator of the independent state of Zaun? No, Silco genuinely loved Jinx, considered her a daughter and would give anything for her. Was Mel Medarda using Jayce for vindictive and nefarious means? Did she have a hidden agenda of her own? No, it turned out Mel truly felt deceived by her family and was looking to make her own place in the world by advancing Piltover. Was the mysterious Firelight Leader really Ekko, aka “Little Man” from Jinx and Vi’s childhood? It turned out he was.

On the other hand, “Arcane” left many more questions unanswered and created new ones. How will Viktor transform from who he is currently into the emotionless killing machine we see in the League of Legends game? Who will take Silco’s place? Is Jinx and Vi’s relationship reparable? What will come of this new friendship between Ekko and Heimerdinger? Will the seeds of romance planted between Vi and Caitlyn blossom into something more? What was Singed looking up to in his lab? And biggest of all, did the Super Mega Death Rocket that Jinx launched at the end of the episode wipe out the entire Piltover council?

While the cliffhanger ending frustrated some fans of the show, knowing that those loose ends were building up to a second season should bring some comfort.

Netflix and Riot Games have yet to announce when Season 2 will air.