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Call of Duty: Vanguard has overpowered weapons in multiplayer shortly following its launch, as every COD title does. Vanguard is unique in the fact that certain attachments are breaking weapons, however. Some magazine attachments or Proficiencies are turning base weapons into powerful machines that are too strong compared to the rest of the selections. Simply put, there are weapons that need a nerf in Vanguard.

Below, players can see which three weapons require the biggest nerf in Vanguard multiplayer.

3. Type 100

Type 100 in Vanguard
The Type 100. | Provided by Activision

On paper, the Type 100 seems like an average, run-of-the-mill SMG. However, if players throw on a specific set of attachments, the Type 100 actually kills in just two upper-body shots at most ranges. This is extremely busted and Sledgehammer Games will undoubtedly take action against the Type 100 as a result.

The developers likely won’t nerf the Type 100, itself, too hard, but rather the attachments causing the issues.

2. Combat Shotgun

Combat Shotgun in Vanguard
The Combat Shotgun. | Provided by Activision

If players have joined a match on Das Haus, they know exactly why the Combat Shotgun requires a nerf in Vanguard. Even without a select few attachments, the Combat Shotgun is ridiculously strong in Vanguard. However, if players decide to use those attachments, they turn the shotgun into a weapon of mass destruction capable of eliminating anything in its path.

Sledgehammer will presumably nerf the Combat Shotgun’s damage range and perhaps its fire rate in the first round of weapon balancing. Other shotguns, like the Gracey Auto and Double Barrel, might also be included in those nerfs. Hopefully this isn’t too strong of a nerf, as the shotguns are extremely enjoyable to use on smaller maps.

1. STG44

STG44 in Vanguard
The STG 44. | Provided by Activision by Activision

Finally, the last weapon that needs a nerf in Vanguard is the almighty STG44. The top assault rifle in Vanguard has virtually no recoil, high damage range and excellent mobility, making it a nightmare to go up against in any situation.

This dominance is made worse when players throw on the Vital Proficiency and any of the damage magazines, though. The STG44 becomes a two-shot kill weapon at any range with these attachments. Pair that boost with the gun’s nonexistent recoil and players have an unstoppable monster in their hands. The developers should certainly take a look at the Vital Proficiency as a whole but also increase the STG44’s recoil slightly.

Those are the three weapons Upcomer has deemed most worthy of a nerf in Vanguard. An honorable mention goes to the BAR and MG42, though, as both of those weapons are extremely lethal with the right attachments.