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Overwatch is a complicated game even for experienced players. For beginners, it can be quite daunting. Not all the Heroes are overly complex, however. Here are the six best Heroes (two from each role) for new players to play when learning the game.

6. Mercy

Mercy is arguably the easiest Hero in the Overwatch to play, and she is a great choice for players hoping to learn a healer. Since she is relatively easy to get the hang of, you can pay close attention to the game going on around you and learn about the maps and other Heroes. Unfortunately, Mercy requires little to no aiming, so learning her won’t help you too much with that.

5. Reinhardt

If you want to learn a tank, Reinhardt is a great option. He works well in most team compositions, and his mechanics aren’t too difficult to get the hang of. Learning him will teach you a lot about how to lead a team and position as a tank. Good Reinhardt players have some of the best game sense out there and are always a boon to their team.

4. McCree

McCree is a great pick for you if you want to play the damage role. Aiming with him is similar to aiming in other shooters like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, and his abilities are also fairly simple. You can work on your aim and positioning with him, then move on to more difficult damage Heroes once you have a better feel for the game.

3. Moira

Moira is probably the best healer to learn for beginners. She is relatively easy to play and has more healing and damage potential than Mercy. Moira’s skillset is easy to learn and extremely effective at all ranks. She’s an asset on any Overwatch team and will help you learn the game. Just make sure you don’t become too obsessed with her damage potential and forget to heal!

2. D.Va

D.Va is always one of the best tanks in Overwatch, boasting huge offensive and defensive potential. She’s mobile and has one of the best defensive abilities in the game in her Defense Matrix. She isn’t as easy as some Heroes to learn, but learning her will teach you a lot about each Hero and the game as a whole. Understanding when to be aggressive and when to be defensive is important in Overwatch, and she is a great Hero to learn this on.

1. Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is an easy damage Hero that should resonate well with you if you came from another shooter. He has a pretty standard assault rifle, he sprints, he heals himself, and he has an aimbot as his Ultimate Ability. He will teach you how to position, aim, track, and use abilities well. He’s also the Hero you play in the tutorial, so every new player should have a solid grasp on his abilities.

Soldier: 76

If you’re just starting out in Overwatch, be patient and take your time. The game has a high learning curve, and it takes time to learn about every map and Hero. The above Heroes should help you learn the game.

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