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The Paris Legion overcame the LA Thieves during the Florida Mutineer home series after adding Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla to the roster. With this win, the Legion have secured their first victory of Stage 4 after nearly sweeping the Thieves in their matchup on June 4. The French squad has been at the bottom of the leaderboard since joining the Call of Duty League and remain the second to last team with a record of 5-15.

The Legion has been steadily improving since acquiring Zaptius from the London Royal Ravens late last month. However, they were still unable to pull out a win against the Minnesota RØKKR and the Atlanta FaZe. That narrative changed when they faced the LA Thieves who made a controversial roster change before Stage 4.

After acquiring Cuyler “Huke” Garland from the Dallas Empire, the LA Thieves quickly benched him after only two weeks of practice. He was replaced by Thomas “TJHaly” Haly who had been on the roster long before Huke joined. The LA Thieves nearly won against the Seattle Surge who took them to a game five before losing in the final few rounds. Now, they have been defeated by Paris Legion, a team they were favored to beat on paper.

Paris Legions’ Skrapz reflects on the win

The Legion could have easily avoided the fourth game in the LA Thieves match if the first map on Moscow Hardpoint had gone their way. That match-up was close, going 250-218 in favor of the Thieves who barely scraped by with the win.

After losing out on Moscow Hardpoint, Paris Legion stepped things up on Raid Search and Destroy, where the team took a cool 6-3 victory over the Thieves. That momentum stayed with them on Garrison Control where they brought things to a round five before taking the lead 2-1 in the series. On Apocalypse Hardpoint, Paris Legion had the chance to correct their mistakes on Moscow. In dominant fashion, Paris took the win 250-169 and closed out the series 3-1.

Paris’ Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall spoke with the Call of Duty League after their victory over the Thieves.

“It’s has been tough,” said Skrapz. “It means a lot [the win] because we needed it so much. It has been a tough few weeks for us. We have been down bad. To beat a team like that in that sort of fashion… I think we could have 3-0’d them.”