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There has been a ton of talk regarding some high-powered Call of Duty League rosters for the 2021 season. From the new-look Minnesota Rokkr to the revamped Chicago Huntsmen, there are some insanely talented rosters heading in 2021. However, one team that may not be a part of that trend is the Paris Legion. One of the statistically worst CDL teams from 2020, the Legion released their entire roster from last season. Although, there are reports that the organization is having a difficult time retooling their roster. In fact, one insider is stating the team is currently a mess.

Paris Legion struggling before the 2021 season?

For a large majority of the last season in the Call of Duty League, Paris struggled. While they did make it to a couple of Sunday matches, the roster never seemed to get over the hump of mediocrity. It was one step forward, two steps back for the Legion in 2020.

This reasoning is likely why the organization released its entire roster from last season ahead of Free Agency in the CDL. The thinking behind this decision was presumably because better players are going to be available now that the league is in a 4v4 format.

However, according to notable insider CDL Intel, this decision could backfire tremendously on the Paris Legion.

The insider apparently has heard rumors that the Legion organization is fumbling the ball when it comes to signing players. Presumably, some plans for certain players fell through and now the team is left picking from the pool of available players. Although, that pool is mostly full of players that weren’t wanted by other CDL teams.

Even still, some professional players responded to this tweet asking Paris for a chance.

The most interesting response came from one of the Marshall twins, Wuskin. Apparently blacklisted from the Call of Duty League due to some unsavory rumors, Wuskin and his brother Skrapz stated they were taking 2021 off. However, with the news of Paris’ dysfunction leaking, they could be back in the hunt for a roster spot.

There’s absolutely no way to confirm this report. Although, CDL Intel is rarely inaccurate with his information. Hopefully, Paris can put together a competitive team for the 2021 season.

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