The NZ-41 could be nerfed soon in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4
NZ-41 Warzone
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The NZ-41 could be nerfed soon in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4

Warzone's most OP weapon may be getting knocked down a peg

Ever since the Season 3 Reloaded update went live in Call of Duty: Warzone last month, the NZ-41 has dominated the game. The weapon received a slight buff in Season 3 Reloaded and, as a result, turned into arguably the best weapon in Warzone.

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Matching superior recoil control with a high damage range on a weapon is never a good omen for the meta. However, the NZ-41 has taken things to a new level, as players barely have to aim with the assault rifle. Because of this, the developers at Raven Software are presumably looking to make a change to the NZ-41.

According to one Raven developer on Twitter, the NZ-41 isn’t where they want it to be. The developers originally wanted to buff the NZ-41 so it would be more competitive with other Vanguard ARs, but they made it a little too strong, which will eventually lead to a nerf.

It’s unclear exactly when the nerf for the NZ-41 could come through in Warzone. However, according to developer Tully Ackland, the nerf sounds imminent. Ackland responded to a fan on Twitter saying that the NZ-41 wasn’t intended to be as easy to use as it is in Season 4.

Ackland went on to say that the developers “over-indexed on the enhancements to make it [NZ-41] viable.” So, basically, the devs buffed the NZ-41 too much in terms of recoil control. As of right now, the NZ-41 has virtually no recoil, making it a literal laser no matter what attachments players equip on it.

The developer doesn’t offer a timetable for a possible nerf. Although, based on their comments, we can assume that the NZ-41 will be receiving a substantial nerf, likely to recoil control. Bullet velocity and damage could also be affected, as those aspects for the NZ-41 were also buffed in Season 3 Reloaded.

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