The most banned champions in competitive League of Legends
League of Legends most banned champions competitive esports Yuumi

The most banned champions in competitive League of Legends

Yall remember Zeri/Yuumi?

2022 has been a year for the record books in competitive League of Legends as not only did Worlds 2022 deliver the best spectacle in the history of the game, it was one of the most diverse years on record for champion picks too.

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But with that said, there were definitely problem champions that warped the global metagame over the year which caused professional players and solo queue players to cry for nerfs. Here are the top five most banned champions in competitive League of Legends over the course of 2022 according to


Provided by Riot Games.

You would think the number one most ban-requested champion would actually be higher than the fifth most banned champion in 2022 but here we are. Yuumi, like many champions on this list, came into her own in the summer split as she was among the top 10 most banned champions in the summer but she also had a fair amount of bans in the spring as well. In total, Yuumi was banned just under 1,750 times globally in competitive events in 2022.


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The third most banned champion in the summer of 2022 was also the fourth most banned champion globally in 2022 as well as Lucian has been good nearly all year long. Obviously, in the summer split, Lucian played a bigger role than he did in the spring but in total, Lucian brought in nearly 1,800 bans globally.


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The queen of the 2022 summer split, there was no champion banned more in the back half of 2022 than Kalisa. Although she was non-existent in the spring split, Kalista was banned the third most in 2022 off of her summer split alone when she was banned nearly 1,900 times globally.


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Gwen was the only champion in 2022 to be in the top five most banned champions globally in both the spring and summer split. She was not the most banned in either split but placed second in spring and fourth in summer. In total, Gwen was banned more than 2,800 times in 2022 competitive play.


Provided by Riot Games.

The biggest warp to the global metagame in 2022 was none other than the first champion to be released in 2022, Zeri. The slippery bot laner was a one versus nine machines for a majority of the spring split and that was reflected in the stats as she was far and away the most banned champion globally in the spring of 2022 with 1,951 bans.

The next closest champion was Gwen with 1,466 meaning that Zeri was banned almost 500 times more than the next closest champion. In the summer split when Riot Games finally got her under control, she was still a ban-worthy threat drawing the seventh most bans in that time.


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