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The confusing saga of Call of Duty League professional player Carson “Brack” Newberry continues on. After news surfaced that the Toronto Ultra mistreated Brack and refused to pay him a portion of his salary, there were some conflicting arguments. One side was Brack’s, which states that the Ultra didn’t pay the salary and wouldn’t let him return home for a family matter. However, Toronto fired back with a statement saying they did pay him. Regardless of which side you believe, it appears the LA Guerrillas believe Brack, as they’re offering to pay the missing salary.

Brack receiving help from the LA Guerrillas

The salary in question is for the last month of the player’s contract. As Brack was trying to get home for a family matter, the Ultra apparently believed they didn’t owe him money for missing that time. However, this contradicts what Toronto said in an official statement.

Right after that statement was released, the former Ultra player released his own statement. In that, he doubled down on his claims against Toronto, going in detail about the time period in question. However, he also thanked the LA Guerrillas for helping him out in his time of need.

brack salary la guerrillas

Well, that help is reportedly being extended even further. According to a new report, the Guerrillas are offering to pay Brack the missing month’s salary that the Ultra supposedly didn’t pay. Brack stated to Breaking Point that LA made the offer completely out of the blue.

Los Angeles Guerillas reached out and offered to cover the part that Ultra didn’t. I didn’t expect it at all, but it was so generous for them to offer. Can’t say enough about what Guerillas did for me in this situation.

If the Guerrillas are willing to make that offer, then the allegations against Toronto must carry major weight. While nothing is confirmed, if Brack turns out to be telling the truth, then the Ultra lied in their official statement. Obviously, that would carry some severe repercussions from Activision and the CDL.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further developments to this story here at Daily Esports.

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