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T1 and OG snuck into the final upper bracket spots of The International 10 on Sunday to close out the action before main stage play begins at Dota 2’s biggest tournament.

The final day of The International 10 qualifiers brought with it a lot of possible outcomes. At the start of the day, there was a possibility of a four-way tie between Evil Geniuses, Virtus.pro, OG and T1. However, the final day of The International 10 group stage ended quite differently.

Virtus.pro went 2-0 against Aster, and T1 beat the already out TP, which was expected. Those results meant the tiebreakers would be determined by the result of EG vs. Undying. If EG won 2-0, then they would trigger a tiebreaker between OG, EG and T1, allowing any one of those teams to make it to the upper bracket.

However, EG were not able to complete their run for the upper bracket and tied the series against Undying. T1 and OG took the final upper spots for the main event. This also means that every North American team is now in the lower bracket of The International 10, and more than likely one of the teams will be out after the first round. Which team that will be is a looming question.

Quincy Crew made it out of groups after a bad showing for most of the group stage. Quincy came into Sunday needing to 2-0 SG Esports and win at least one game against Elephant, or vice versa. The North Americans were able to win a very competitive series against SG Esports and win against Elephant in another 2-0 bout. The second game against Elephant lasted 63 minutes and involved a long defense where Elephant was able to play against Mega Creep for a very long time. In the end, though, Quincy Crew were able to take it.

Play resumes at The International 10 with main stage competition beginning at 3 a.m. ET on Tuesday.

The final Main Stage bracket at the International 10

Upper bracket

  • LGD get to choose OG or T1
  • Team Secret plays whoever LGD doesn’t pick
  • Invictus Gaming chooses between Team Spirit and Vici Gaming
  • Virtus.pro plays whoever Invictus Gaming doesn’t choose

Lower bracket

  • Undying chooses between Fnatic and Elephant
  • Evil Geniuses plays whoever Undying doesn’t pick
  • Beast Coast chooses between Team Aster and Team Alliance
  • Quincy Crew plays whoever Beast Coast doesn’t choose