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Renekton has had a storied past in professional League of Legends. The giant crocodile was one of the first out of 100 champions released, officially dropping in January of 2011.

The champion has not undergone many changes since his initial kit on release. He hasn’t received a rework, as other champions from his generation have, and he has made an appearance in pro play across all 11 Seasons. Renekton is mostly known for his early game dominance and he’s recently been flexed between the top lane and mid lane.

Renekton statistics

The Butcher of the Sands has a 27% presence rate in Season 4 through Season 11. This means that he has been picked or banned in almost a third of all professional matches during that time. Renekton sports a lifetime win rate of 51% and has positive stats for gold and experience just 10 minutes into the game. He has made over 3,000 appearances in the top lane and only about 200 in the mid lane.

Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang made mid lane Renekton popular in Season 8. The champion can be a decent option for melee mid laners, like Zed and Talon, and he has a 57% win rate in that lane. The crocodile has also been chosen a handful of times as a bot laner.

Renekton has always been an early game powerhouse and a useful tool for teams that like to play through their top laner in the early game. So, for regions like China, the champion has a high presence. Currently, Renekton has been played in China over 600 times with a 53% win rate. In Korea and North America, he has made an appearance in over 400 games respectively with a 53% win rate.

Best Renekton players

Since League of Legends is a team game, statistics like win rates can be disingenuous when touting a player’s strength. As different teams prioritize different strategies and lanes, the statistics can become even more muddled. But, over the course of Renekton’s life, he has had many different players pilot him. And, the players who use him effectively for their team stand out.

One of those players is Park “Morgan” Gi-tae. The Korean top laner has played the champion in 36 games during his short career so far. His win rate on the champion is a whopping 75%. Trần “Kiaya” Duy Sang and Bai “369” Jia-Hao are not that far behind in games played and win rate. Kiaya has played Renekton in 35 games with a 74% win rate. For 369, the Chinese top laner has also played the champion 35 times with a 69% win rate.