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Valorant has been the talk of the gaming world over the last two months, and it releases in less than a week on June 2. We have learned a lot about the Agents and their abilities throughout the closed beta testing phase. Here’s a look at the top five best ultimate abilities so far in Valorant.

5. Cypher – Neural Theft

Cypher’s ultimate, Neural Theft, reveals the locations of the entire enemy team to your team. Unfortunately, it comes with a slight drawback: he needs to have a fresh enemy corpse to use it on. Nevertheless, if you manage to get it off, knowing the location of your enemies will give your Valorant team a huge advantage.

4. Raze – Showstopper

Showstopper is a powerful ultimate where Raze fires a single rocket. This rocket explodes and deals damage to anyone (including allies) in the area. Her ultimate is fairly self-explanatory and easy to use. You can easily get one or more kills with a well-placed rocket. At the very least, you should force enemies out from behind cover.

3. Brimstone – Orbital Strike

Similar to Showstopper, Orbital Strike is a damage-dealing ultimate ability in Valorant. Brimstone targets a location on the map, and a laser deals damage in a circular area at the targeted location. This ability is great for killing enemies hiding in corners and forcing enemies to give up their positions.

2. Phoenix – Run it Back

Phoenix’s ultimate is cheap, easy to use, and extremely powerful. He marks a spot on the ground where he will return after a period of time, or if he dies. This allows him to freely scout for enemies and duel without any fear of dying. This basically turns a 1v1 into a 2v1.

1. Sage – Resurrection

What’s better than dying and respawning as Pheonix? Dying and respawning as Phoenix and still having your ultimate to use because your Sage resurrected you. Sage’s ultimate lets her bring back any teammate as long as she can reach their corpse. This means she can turn a 1v1 into a 2v1, she can bring back your top frag (who might not always be Phoenix), and she can bring back another Agent who might be better suited for a specific situation.

Valorant Sage

While there are other great ultimate abilities in Valorant, these are the best for winning rounds. This doesn’t mean that these are the best heroes by any means, but they do have great ultimates!

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