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The latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update, released on Thursday, adds the ability to unlock all of the PGL Major Stockholm content, including the viewer pass, pick’ems, stickers, team patches, souvenir tokens and event coin. Here is a guide with everything you need to know about the PGL Major content:

Viewer Pass

To participate in the bulk of the PGL Major content, you’ll need to purchase a viewer pass. You can only activate one viewer pass on your CS:GO account. The pass will give you access to the following:

  • An upgradable Stockholm 2021 Event Coin.
  • Access to the Stockholm Pick’Em Challenge.
  • Unlimited team graffiti for the duration of the event.
  • Steam.tv team flair.
  • Access to Stockholm 2021 Souvenir Packages.

Fifty percent of all the proceeds from the content goes to the teams and organizations taking part in the PGL Stockholm Major.

Player autographs will be available for purchase after the major has completed. They will only be available for major finalists (i.e., players who reach the quarter finals, semi finals and grand finals.) Team graffiti can be selected and changed at will in the CS:GO client.

PGL Major Pick’Ems

To fill out pick’ems, you need to have a viewing pass. Once you have it, you will be able to drag and drop teams that are competing in the Challengers stage to predict three things: the team that will advance undefeated, the team that will be eliminated without winning and the remaining seven teams that will advance to the next stage of the Swiss-style bracket.

Make sure to fill on your pick’ems before the stage begins or else you will no longer be able to fill in your choices. The Challengers stage begins Oct. 26, the Legends stage begins Oct. 30, and the Champions Stage begins Nov. 4.

Stickers and patches

Stickers are available for purchase in team sticker capsules featuring the Legends, Challengers or Contenders teams. Once purchased, you can place the sticker on your weapon. They come as normal, holo, foil and gold. After a sticker is acquired, it can be traded on the Steam marketplace.

Valve has also introduced team patches, which can be worn on your in-game character. They can be placed on the character’s sleeve, back or ammo pouch. Team patches are also purchased through packs divided by Legends, Challengers and Contenders.

PGL Major Pick’Ems Event coin

Activating the Viewer Pass will grant you the Stockholm 2021 event coin. The coin can be upgraded over the course of the event by completing the pick’em challenge. Every time the coin is upgraded, you are awarded a souvenir token that can be redeemed for a souvenir package from the match of your choice. The coin will be upgraded at three intervals based on the number of challenges completed: three (Silver), six (Gold) or all nine (Diamond).

The nine challenges are as follows:

  • Activate your coin before the tournament is over
  • Place all nine Pick’Em predictions for the Challengers Stage before it begins
  • Get five correct Pick’Em predictions for the Challengers Stage
  • Place all nine Pick’Em predictions for the Legends Stage before it begins
  • Get five correct Pick’Em predictions for the Legends Stage
  • Place all seven Pick’Em predictions for the Champions Stage before it begins
  • Place two correct Pick’Em predictions for the quarterfinals
  • Place one correct Pick’Em prediction for the semifinals
  • Make a correct Pick’Em prediction for the grand final


Besides the three souvenir tokens you can obtain from upgrading your Event Coin, three tokens can also be obtained from purchasing the upgraded viewer pass. Alternatively, tokens can be purchased directly. You can use souvenir tokens immediately on a match to get the package, or wait and make a decision before Sept. 30, 2022. Souvenir packages include exclusive souvenir quality skins.


  • Viewer Pass: $9.99
  • Viewer Pass with three souvenir tokens: $17.99
  • Contenders, Challengers, Legends stickers: $.99
  • Contenders, Challengers, Legends team patches: $1.99
  • Stockholm 2021 Souvenir Token: $2.99