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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the first title in the series to tinker with the Prestige system. Essentially a ranking up system, Prestiges are ways that players can show how much time they’ve put into the game. Traditionally, the system has rewarded players with a new emblem, Create-A-Class slot, and cosmetics. However, in Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward went with a seasonal rank that resets every couple of months. It’s rumored that the new Black Ops Cold War will feature a similar system. However, the community has made it known that they’re against this decision.

Fans want Prestiges back in Black Ops Cold War

The biggest aspect of the Prestige system that fans enjoy is the progression. While developers could offer more in terms of cosmetics, prestiging has always been about reaching that next level. In Modern Warfare 2, for example, reaching the final Prestige was a true honor, and you were revered if you managed to make it there.

However, Infinity Ward felt a change was needed in this department. Instead of the tried and true system, the developers went with seasonal levels that reset every season once you reached level 55. Players get to keep their unlocked weapons with this model but there’s far less motivation to grind.

In Black Ops Cold War, a similar system is reportedly returning. Although, the community is trying its best to make Treyarch revert this decision if it’s true. Call of Duty account CharlieIntel recently ran a poll on the subject and the results are staggering.

With nearly 140,000 votes, only 12% of players said they still want seasonal ranks. This is a massive skew and it really puts a finger on the pulse of the community’s feelings. Prestiging could be improved yes, but many feel its past state is still far better than Modern Warfare‘s current system.

We’ll have to wait and see if this outcry from fans is enough to change Treyarch’s mind, assuming the rumors are true. Perhaps we’ll see something about the progression system in Black Ops Cold War at the multiplayer reveal on September 9.

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