The best Tempus Torrent loadout in MW2
Tempus Torrent loadout Modern Warfare 2
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The best Tempus Torrent loadout in MW2

A solid marksman rifle

The Tempus Torrent is a decent battle rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that can be turned into quite an enjoyable weapon to use. However, by default, the Tempus Torrent isn’t anything special; it has average stats and won’t outclass the meta weapons in multiplayer. Luckily, the Tempus Torrent has some key attachments you can equip on its loadout to make it a strong long-range option in MW2.

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Described as a “hard-hitting DMR from the Tempus Armament,” the Tempus Torrent has a decent fire rate, no noticeable recoil, and above average damage. It’s also a part of the M4 Platform, meaning that a majority of players will already have several attachments for the Tempus Torrent unlocked in multiplayer. If you really want to get the most out of the new marksman rifle, though, you want to use a specific set of attachments.

To see the full loadout for the Tempus Torrent in MW2, keep reading below.

Best Tempus Torrent loadout in MW2

  • Muzzle: Lockshot KT85
  • Barrel: 24″ Outreach
  • Optic: Slimline Pro
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Magazine: 30 Round Mag

This is an extremely standard loadout for a marksman rifle in MW2. However, it’s incredibly effective, boosting all of the pertinent stats for the Tempus Torrent. You see an increase in damage range and recoil control with the 24″ Outreach barrel and accuracy is further improved with the Lockshot KT85 and FTAC Ripper 56.

The 30 Round Mag allows you to get off more shots before having to reload while the Slimline Pro optic is a great mid-range choice. As the Tempus Torrent is a marksman rifle, this is the range players will want to do most of their fighting. While it won’t beat out stronger weapons most of the time, you can certainly deal some damage with this Tempus Torrent loadout.

As a final note, you can use the Tempus Torrent in the new Modern Warfare 3 and use this same loadout to great effect. However, you will need to change most of the rest of the class, as the perks have been entirely changed in the new multiplayer title. You can still use the same lethal or tactical as well as a similar secondary weapon. Of course, I suggest using some of the new content first so you can experience some of the fresh items in MW3.

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