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With the addition of the Fortune’s Keep map to Call of Duty: Warzone, it’s more important than ever that players have the right weapon on their loadouts. Fortune’s Keep is a balanced map that mainly features close-range gunfights. In order to combat all of the high-powered SMGs and shotguns players might see, they’ll want a fast-firing weapon of their own. In an effort to shake up the meta slightly, players should try and go with the PPSh-41 from Vanguard. The PPSh-41 has an above-average loadout in Warzone Season 4 that can decimate enemies up close and even at medium range.

The PPSh-41 might be one of the most aggressive weapons in all of Warzone. It features lightning-quick mobility and a fire rate that can keep up with the fastest in the SMG category. Once players add some damage-range attachments and take care of the recoil control, the PPSh-41 becomes one of the better SMG options from Vanguard. Of course, players need to use specific attachments on their loadout to get those stat increases.

To see the full loadout for the PPSh-41 in Warzone Season 4, keep reading below.

Best PPSh-41 loadout in Warzone

The PPSh-41 has gone through a number of loadouts in order to make it viable compared to the fleet of top SMGs from Vanguard. Season 4 seems to have nailed down a loadout for the weapon that boosts all of its most important stats.

  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: Kovalevskaya 230mm B03P
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: 7.62mm Gorenko 71 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type: Hollow Point
  • Rear Grip: Pine Tar Grip
  • Perk: Tight Grip
  • Perk 2: Quick

Players gain recoil control improvements from three attachments and damage increases from another pair. The Recoil Booster provides a boost to fire rate to increase the PPSh-41’s time-t0-kill even further while the Removed Stock improves sprint-to-fire time. This PPSh-41 loadout truly excels in close-range but is no slouch in medium-range either.