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Season 5 Reloaded has been underway for some time in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and there are a few new weapons we need to look at in multiplayer. Among them is the Lachmann Shroud, a new submachine gun that is a version of the Lachmann Sub. What separates the two SMGs is the Lachmann Shroud is a burst weapon while the Lachmann Sub is fully automatic.

While players might have gotten used to the Lachmann Sub in MW2, they will need an entirely new loadout for the Lachmann Shroud.

Players have the option to use the Lachamann Shroud in either its native burst-fire mode or in a semi-automatic mode. Semi-automatic requires players to fire each shot individually, which isn’t too advantageous on a submachine gun.

Nevertheless, my recommended loadout for the Lachmann Shroud in MW2 will allow players to use the SMG in any way they want.

Best Lachmann Shroud loadout in MW2

  • Laser: VLK LZR 7mW
  • Stock: FT Mobile Stock
  • Underbarrel: XTEN Nexus Grip
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Lachmann TCG-10

The loadout kicks off with some standard attachments, including the XTEN Nexus Grip and the 40 Round Mag, which will give the Lachmann Shroud added accuracy and magazine size, respectively. Of course, the downside to those buffs is less mobility, so I have added the VLK LZR 7mW Laser and the FT Mobile Stock to ensure ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds are maintained.

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Rounding things out is the Lachmann TCG-10, which offers extra recoil control without giving up too much else in the way of mobility or handling. All in all, this is a balanced Lachmann Shroud loadout that you can use in close-range or farther away depending on your playstyle. Although, I would recommend playing things at mid-range, which is where the Lachmann Shroud will truly shine in most situations.

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