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The Season 3 update has gone live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. With the update comes a hefty serving of new content spread out across the network of Call of Duty game modes in 2023. From multiplayer to battle royale to DMZ, every player is receiving some fresh content. However, perhaps the most exciting bit of content from the update is the FJX Imperium sniper rifle.

The FJX Imperium is essentially the Intervention from MW2 (2009), and current Modern Warfare 2 players can get their hands on it and its loadout fairly quickly.

To unlock the FJX Imperium, players need to go to the Season 3 Battle Pass and buy blocks of tiers until they reach the one with the sniper rifle in it. Then, they can unlock all of the tiers in that block by spending Battle Pass Tokens. The FJX Imperium is a free reward on the Battle Pass, so players don’t need to spend any money to unlock it.

Once they have the sniper in their possession, they can begin leveling it up to equip its strongest loadout.

Best FJX Imperium loadout in Modern Warfare 2

  • Stock: FJX Lux-7
  • Bolt: FJX Blast
  • Rear Grip: Skull-40
  • Carry Handle: Field-Wrapped Handle
  • Ammunition: .408 Explosive

This loadout for the FJX Imperium in MW2 emphasizes speed and quickscoping over anything else. The FJX Lux-7 gives players extra speed and stability without any negative effects while the FJX Blast improves fire rate. The Skull-40 increases aim down sight speed and sprint-to-fire time, as does the Field-Wrapped Handle. Finally, the .408 Explosive ammunition vastly improves damage, allowing players to get more one-shot kills with the FJX Imperium. This loadout will be fast and capable of taking out enemies at any range in MW2.

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