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For many seasons, the AS VAL has been many players’ go-to option when it comes to assault rifles in COD Mobile. Thanks to its extreme versatility, the AS VAL has rarely wavered from being an upper-echelon AR in the mobile title. It’s highly effective as either a traditional rifle or a converted submachine gun that deals damage up close. While these playstyles have different loadouts, there’s one loadout that can combine the two ways to play.

The AS VAL was nerfed back in Season 7 of COD Mobile, but it’s still as reliable as ever in Season 8. Its damage is still among the best in the AR class along with its mobility. While its range and recoil, at times, need some work, that’s what the gunsmith is for in COD Mobile. Below, players can see exactly how to craft their AS VAL in Season.

Best AS VAL gunsmith loadout in COD Mobile

The one nerf the AS VAL received back in Season 7 was to its mobility when using a specific magazine. The magazine in question is the Large Extended Mag B. However, the nerf wasn’t too extreme, only lowering the overall movement speed of the AS VAL by 1% and the reload speed by 6%. That said, the attachment is still in use on the recommended loadout for the AS VAL.

  • Barrel: MIP 200mm Mid-Range
  • Stock: OWC Skeleton
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip
  • Laser: OWC Tactical
  • Magazine: Large Extended Mag B

The loadout begins with an attachment to increase damage range and bullet velocity in the MIP 200mm Mid-Range barrel. This makes the AS VAL more effective at longer ranges.

Following that are some attachments to boost mobility and recoil control. The OWC Skeleton, OWC Tactical and Large Extended Mag B both help mobility, with the former two increasing ADS speed and the latter boosting movement speed marginally. For recoil control, the Strike Foregrip is perfect, as it improves accuracy and reduces ADS bullet spread.

The AS VAL will still be as reliable as ever with this loadout in place in Season 8 of COD Mobile.