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League of Legends has been out for more than 10 years and has had thousands of different skins for its over 150-character roster.

Although new skins are coming out all of the time and there are hundreds available to purchase whenever players want, there are quite a few skins that are not available in the shop anymore. Whether it be from limited-time in-game events, in-person events, or even pre-order bonuses, there are a few skins that players may not have ever even seen before.

Here are the top 10 rarest skins in League of Legends.

10. PAX Sivir

Provided by Riot Games.

Pax Sivir was given out at the PAX 2011 via a card that has a redeemable code. This was the last of the three years Riot Games did this but with the game growing in popularity every year, this one was the least rare of the three. It’s still extremely rare as the only way to get it today is to acquire every available skin in the shop at which point Riot Games will allow players to choose a rare skin of their choosing. PAX Sivir is on that list.

9. PAX Jax

Provided by Riot Games.

Very similar to PAX Sivir, Pax Jax was only available to players if they attended PAX 2010. It was the same process where players were given a card with a redeemable code. Like Pax Sivir, players can still technically acquire the skin by acquiring every available skin and choosing PAX Jax as their reward.

8. Rusty Blitzcrank

Provided by Riot Games.

The first non-in-person event skin on this list. Rusty Blitzcrank was only in the shop for a very brief time in 2010 before Riot Games pulled the skin from the shop permanently due to the skin looking very similar to the regular version of Blitzcrank. Unless players bought the skin during that short three-month timeframe, no one has it. Unless, of course, they have acquired every other available skin in the game and chose Rusty Blitzcrank as their reward.

7. PAX Twisted Fate

Provided by Riot Games.

PAX Twisted Fate was only available to players that attended the first PAX Riot Games gave codes out for back in 2009. With the game barely launching at that time and not being nearly as popular as it was in the coming years, PAX TF is by far the rarest of the PAX skins. However, players can still acquire this by choosing it as the reward for acquiring every other available skin in the game.

6. Judgement Kayle

Provided by Riot Games.

The rest of the skins on this list are not obtainable anywhere and are not able to be selected as rewards even if players acquire every other available skin in the game. Judgement Kayle was the reward for playing 10 ranked games back in the game’s first competitive season. So unless players have played the game since 2010 and were playing ranked matches, players do not have this skin.

5. UFO Corki

Provided by Riot Games.

Similar to the timeframe Judgement Kayle was available, UFO Corki was given to all players who had accounts made before a specific date back in early 2010. Even though there wasn’t a ranked match requirement for UFO Corki, the skin is higher on the list because there were simply fewer players playing the game at the time than there were when Judgement Kayle was available.

4. King Rammus

Provided by Riot Games.

King Rammus, which is essentially just Bowser from the Mario franchise, was given to beta testers when the game officially launched. The only players that have this skin today are the players that were playing the game back before it even officially came out.

3. Black Alistar

Provided by Riot Games.

And finally, there is the holy trinity. These last three skins are the rarest in the game because they could only be acquired through pre-order bonuses. Back when League of Legends came out it was still free-to-play but there were official versions of the game that did cost money. The payoff was that these collector editions contained other goods outside of just the game download. They contained currency and of course, exclusive skins. Black Alistar is the least rare of the three pre-order bonuses as it was available through the digital version which was the easiest to access.

2. Young Ryze

Provided by Riot Games.

Human Ryze, which has been renamed to Young Ryze, is the second-rarest skin in the entire game. Like Black Alistar, Young Ryze was a pre-order exclusive back when the game was officially released in 2009. What makes Young Ryze rarer than Black Alistar was that Young Ryze was available in the retail copies of League of Legends which was harder to get than the digital version.

1. Silver Kayle

Provided by Riot Games.

And finally, there is Silver Kayle. The rarest skin in the game. The only players that have Silver Kayle are the ones who pre-ordered the collector’s edition of League of Legends back when the game first came out. So the only players that have this skin today are players playing on the account they registered with back in 2009 through the collector’s edition of a free-to-play game.

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