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Another twist has been added to one of the biggest esports stories in recent memory. Seemingly out of nowhere, mega Fortnite Twitch streamer, Turner “Tfue” Tenney, filed a lawsuit against his organization, FaZe Clan, stating that the contract he had been signed to was “grossly oppressive.” After the news of this suit became public, the esports world was set on fire. Numerous members of FaZe and other organizations weighed in with their thoughts. However, the most vocal of these voices was the owner of FaZe, Banks.

Banks unleashed a barrage of tweets denying the claims of Tfue. Later, he also released a twenty-minute YouTube video explaining that the information in the lawsuit was incorrect. Up until now, Tfue has remained quiet on all fronts. That all changed when he put out a YouTube video late last night, with a simple request for FaZe: to make his contract public.

Will FaZe actually release Tfue’s contract?

For legal reasons, Tfue himself can’t leak the terms of his contract with the public. However, FaZe Clan can, since they’re the ones who drew up the contract. In the video, which he also tweeted out, he asks for his signed agreement to be posted on social media so the public can see who is telling the truth.

Obviously, both sides believe the other is in the wrong. Tfue claims FaZe can take all of his money at any given time while FaZe claims they’ve only collected $60,000 from the streamer.

Any way you slice it, the only way for the public to know who is lying is for the contract to be unveiled. Clearly, Tfue wants this to happen. Surprisingly, FaZe is ready to play ball.

Shortly after the video was posted, Banks announced via Twitter that he is working with management to get this contract in the open. There’s no set timetable for this yet, so make sure you stay tuned for all the details.

While this contract dispute may clear up one aspect of the lawsuit, it doesn’t dismiss some other claims. Namely, the Highsky age issue or the restrictions on Tfue’s capitalistic rights. We’ll have to wait and see if FaZe addresses these issues publically at any point.

Whose side are you on, FaZe or Tfue? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all further developments and news on this drama