TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Tempest trait guide
TFT Set 7 Dragonlands Guide Ornn

TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Tempest trait guide

An in-depth look at the Tempest origin in TFT Dragonlands

Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands is finally out on live servers, and the set comes a ton of new champions and traits to explore. Figuring out how to play these new options to their greatest potential is difficult, but Upcomer has it covered. Here is an in-depth guide on how to play the new Tempest trait in TFT Set 7.

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The Tempest Trait

The Tempest trait in TFT Dragonlands is one that focuses on a mid-round crowd control strike. After nine seconds into the round, lightning strikes the battlefield, stunning all enemies for a duration and dealing a percent of their maximum health as true damage. When this strike happens, ally Tempest champion gain attack speed.

This trait rewards comps that can stall out fights and then finish them quickly with an attack speed steroid.

The Champions

  • Ezreal (1g/Tempest/Swiftshot): Ezreal is the low-cost carry option for the Tempest trait and a near-exact copy of his Set 6 form. His Mystic Shot ability shoots a projectile at his target, giving him bonus attack speed that stacks every time he casts. Unlike in Set 6, the shot in Set 7 does magic damage instead of physical damage. This opens up reroll carry the potential for Ezreal, and his Swiftshot trait will give him even more attack speed to help him be a mixed damage threat.


  • Qiyana (2g/Tempest/Assassin): Qiyana has found her way into TFT again after a five-set absence. Although she is a two-cost champion in this set and not a three-cost champion like she was in Set 2, she still has her same Elemental Blade ability. This ability makes Qiyana dash around her target in the best position to hit as many enemies as possible with her blade. When she does this, she deals magic damage to enemies in a line and disarms them for a duration. And just like in Set 2, Qiyana is an Assassin, as well.


  • Lee Sin (3g/Tempest/Dragonmancer): Lee Sin is back as a three-cost champion in TFT Dragonlands with a weaker version of his God Fist ability from TFT Set 4. Lee Sin’s Dragon’s Rage does allow him to kick his target, which knocks them back and stuns them — but he won’t chase after the target when struck. He will just move to the next closest target and keep auto-attacking. This does provide the Tempest trait with another CC outlet, though. As for additional traits, Lee Sin is a Dragonmancer which doesn’t help the Tempest synergy itself but does make Lee Sin viable in comps that need extra health and AP boost. In future patches, Lee Sin himself may end up the carry in a Dragonmancer comp.


  • Ornn (4g/Tempest/Bruiser/Legend): Ornn is one of the two, high-cost champions in the Tempest trait. Alongside being a Tempest champion, Ornn is also a Legend and Bruiser. Players may be familiar with the Bruiser trait, as it existed in Set 6. Ornn is a bonafide tank champion with a very powerful CC ability. His ability, Lightning Charge, makes Ornn summon an elemental ram that dashes toward Ornn starting from the furthest enemy. Enemies the elemental passes through on its way to Ornn take magic damage and have their attack speed slowed for a short duration. When the elemental reaches Ornn, he fires it towards a different, distant champion, this time dealing magic damage and stunning enemies hit. And to make sure he survives during the whole ordeal, Ornn has the Legend trait, which lets him consume an ally champion at the beginning of the round, taking their stats to essentially make Ornn a super tank.


  • Ao Shin (10g/Tempest/Dragon): Last but not least, there is Ao Shin. As the Dragon for the Tempest synergy, Ao Shin is expected to do the heavy lifting for the comp. This is especially true since the Tempest synergy lacks any real carry champion. Ao Shin has that covered with his Lightning Rain ability. The ability is very expensive to cast but is well worth the wait. That’s because when he does cast it, Ao Shin throws out a barrage of lightning strikes at random enemies, with each strike dealing magic damage and draining mana from his target. Essentially, Ao Shin will one-shot the board when he casts and, if he doesn’t, he will make sure the enemy can’t retaliate with abilities of their own.

Sample composition

Tempest TFT Set 7 Dragonlands guide
A sample composition that goes deep into the Tempest trait and uses Ao Shin as the main carry. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

This composition is very straightforward. Since Ao Shin is a 10-cost win condition, this composition aims to get Ao Shin to cast as fast and safely as possible. To go along with the Tempest champions, Bruisers are present to fill out the frontline of the composition. The extra health provided should also give Ao Shin more survivability to get him to cast his powerful ability.

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