TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Ragewing trait guide
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TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Ragewing trait guide

An in-depth look at the Ragewing origin in TFT Dragonlands

Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands is finally out on live servers, and the set comes with many new champions and traits to explore. Figuring out how to play these new options to their greatest potential is difficult, but Upcomer has it covered. Here is an in-depth guide on how to play the new Ragewing trait in TFT Set 7.

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The Ragewing Trait

In TFT Dragonlands, one of the biggest vertical traits is Ragewing. The Ragewing trait has a couple of unique things going for it. The first and most exciting one is the innate passive that all Ragewing champions have. Instead of mana, Ragewing champions have a rage bar. The benefit of this bar is that Ragewing champions generate 15 rage per auto-attack which is more than they would if they were a regular champion. The downside of this though is that Ragewing champions do not generate rage from being hit by attacks. Think of the trait as a full-on offensive onslaught. Speaking of which, when a Ragewing champion casts their ability, they become enraged.

When a Ragewing champion is enraged, they gain bonus attack speed and omnivamp for a duration. But during the duration, Ragewing champions cannot generate rage.

The Ragewing Champions

  • Senna (1g/Ragewing/Cannoneer): Senna is one of the two one-cost champions in the Ragewing origin, as well as an underrated carry threat. On top of her other trait being Cannoneer, giving her extra attack damage, her ability Last Embrace is an AoE attack damage burst. During Last Embrace, Senna launches a missile towards the furthest enemy in a line that strikes the first enemy hit; dealing a percentage of her attack damage as physical damage and additional magic damage in a small area around the target hit. In most metagames, Senna will be a trait bot, but she is also a fantastic early game carry.


  • Sett (1g/Ragewing/Dragonmancer): The other low-cost Ragewing champion was built to be a carry. Sett’s ability is Knuckle Down. This ability doesn’t launch anything or CC anyone, but instead if makes Sett even stronger. Once the ability is activated, Sett gains bonus armor and magic resist while also empowering his every other auto attack which does bonus physical damage; all for four seconds. This ability synergizes perfectly with the Ragewing trait, making him a very popular reroll carry option in TFT Dragonlands.


  • Kayn (2g/Ragewing/Shimmerscale/Assassin): Kayn is a three-trait two-cost champion carrying the Ragewing trait alongside Assassin and Shimmerscale. In most metagames, Kayn will most likely end up a trait bot, but a really good one as all three of his traits are highly sought after. Players looking to get more value out of Kayn can look no further than his ability, Blade’s Reach. This ability has Kayn throw out his scythe in a line, dealing physical damage plus bonus magic damage to the first enemy hit. There may be a metagame where Kayn becomes a premier carry option, but he will most likely be a Frozen Heart holder instead.


  • Shen (2g/Ragewing/Bruiser/Warrior): Just like Kayn, Shen is a three-trait two-cost champion with fantastic traits. Shen is a Ragewing Bruiser Warrior, meaning that Shen helps his team become tankier and hit harder. Shen’s ability, Flame’s Refuge, is how he really stands out; this ability creates a small zone around Shen which while active that makes all nearby allies and himself dodge enemy basic attacks. This ability is borderline oppressive in specific metagames, and as a two-cost champion, Shen is one of the best in the game.


  • Swain (3g/Ragewing/Shapeshifter/Dragonmancer): The mid-range carry for the Ragewing trait is Swain. Swain comes packed with the Shapeshifter and Dragonmancer traits, synergizing with Sett’s matching traits. Both Shapeshifter and Dragonmancer are powerful traits, thanks to them granting bonus health; which, in Swain’s case, can potentially make him an absolute monster of a carry. Swain’s ability, Draconic Ascension, transforms Swain into a Dragon and replaces his auto attacks with fireballs that deal magic damage. If Swain can’t be dealt with early on in a fight, he can quickly become one of the strongest champions in the game from the backline.


  • Hecarim (4g/Ragewing/Cavalier): The second real tank option for the Ragewing trait besides Shen is Hecarim. A standard four-cost tank, Hecarim comes with the Cavalier trait which grants him bonus movement speed, as well as armor and magic resist. Just like other high-cost tanks, Hecarim’s ability is a form of CC; Onslaught of Shadows summons spectral riders that go through Hecarim’s target, stunning any champions hit in a medium radius. If angled right, Hecarim is able to CC the backline, making him a very good piece in any Ragewing comp.


  • Xayah (4g/Ragewing/Swiftshot): The main high-cost carry for the Ragewing trait is Xayah. She comes with the Swiftshot trait alongside Ragewing which gives her even more attack speed on top of the Ragewing bonus. She will need it because her ability is Feathers FLY! Once she casts her ability, for the next four seconds, Xayah’s auto attacks throw out feathers that strike and pierce through enemies. After the duration, she pulls back all the feathers on the board towards her, each feather doing bonus damage every time they go through an enemy champion. Xayah is essentially a ticking time bomb; after time runs out, she blows up the enemy team.


  • Shyavana (10g/Ragewing/Shapeshifter/Dragon):  Lastly, there is the Dragon of the trait, Shyvana. The original Dragon is one of the three 10-cost Dragons in TFT Dragonlands. She also has the Shapeshifter trait, which synergizes with Swain and grants her bonus health when she transforms. Shyvana’s ability is Dragon’s Descent, lets Shyvana fly into the sky; after a brief delay, she comes crashing down onto the board, stunning enemies in a huge radius. After that, Shyvana’s ability is replaced with Flame Breath which does a percentage of the enemies max health as magic damage in a large cone. Essentially, Shyvana is a tank champion that can also carry with tank items.

Sample composition

This composition is a mash-up of all the best Ragewing champions, which uses Shyvana and Xayah as the main carries. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Going deep into the Ragewing trait is very rewarding, as it gives the entire team an incredible amount of attack speed and omnivamp. Players looking to capitalize on of those advantages should look at this sample composition as a gateway into the Ragewing trait. Xayah is the best overall carry of the composition, but the trait also has plenty of different carries that can step into that role. Shyvana should always be the best tank option for a Ragewing composition with her shapeshifting and Flame Breath abilities.

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