TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Astral trait guide
TFT Dragonlands Set 7 Astral Aurelion Sol TFT 12.14

TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Astral trait guide

An in-depth look at the Astral origin in TFT Dragonlands

Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands is finally out on the Public Beta Environment, and with it comes a ton of new champions and traits to explore. Figuring out how to play these new options to their greatest potential is difficult, but Upcomer has it covered. Here is an in-depth guide on how to play the new Astral trait in TFT Set 7.

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The Astral Trait

The Astral origin is the premier reroll trait in TFT Dragonlands. Similar to previous traits like Yordles, this trait is designed for players that like to spend all of their gold on hitting the refresh button instead of the buy XP one.

This trait is pretty straightforward, however. When active, the Astral champions on the board will gain bonus Ability Power. Aside from that, while the trait is active, every fifth shop refresh (both natural and when players refresh the shop with gold) will contain a special shop which will contain primarily Astral champions.

This is similar to using the “loaded dice” consumable on an Astral champion. On top of that, on every fifth shop refresh, players will also receive a bonus Astral orb that contains gold to help players continue chasing those three-star champions.

The Champions

  • Nidalee (1g/Astral/Shapeshifter): Nidalee is back as a one-cost champion in TFT Dragonlands and is a near-exact copy of her Set 1 form. She even has the Shapeshifter trait, which ties into her ability, “Primal Surge.” When Nidalee casts her spell, she transforms from a ranged attacker into a melee attacker, turning into her Cougar form. While in her Cougar form, she gains bonus movement speed and bonus attack speed. Also, on every third auto attack in this form, she swings at her target with increased attack damage.


  • Skarner (1g/Astral/Bruiser): Speaking of copies of previous versions, Skarner is back with the same ability he had during TFT’s second expansion. However, he is a one-cost champion this time instead of a two cost. Regardless, his ability “Crystalline Exoskeleton” still does the same thing. When active, Skarner gets a shield that lasts for a duration and, while the shield is up, Skarner gets increased attack speed.


  • Vladimir (1g/Astral/Mage): The copies continue with Vladimir. Fun fact: Vladimir has been in five TFT expansions now has been the same champion in terms of cost and ability all five times. Of course, this means he comes with his famous “Transfusion” ability. When Vladimir casts this ability, he deals damage to his target and heals himself for a set amount that scales with his ability power.


  • Nami (2g/Astral/Mage/Mystic): Nami is the first non-copy champion so far in the Astral trait. In TFT Set 7, Nami is a two-cost champion with the ability “Ebb and Flow.” This ability casts a wave at Nami’s target that bounces to additional targets. Nami prioritizes low health targets, but the kicker here is she can target allies too. That’s because Ebb and Flow either deals damage to enemies or heals allies.


  • Illaoi (3g/Astral/Bruiser): Illaoi is the second Astral Bruiser champion next to Skarner. Her ability in TFT Dragonlands is “Cosmic Smash.” This ability causes Illaoi to smash her Idol into the ground, which summons three tentacles. These tentacles smash into enemies in a cone dealing magic damage and stealing enemy armor and magic resistance for a duration.


  • Varus (3g/Astral/Swiftshot): Varus is the other three-cost Astral champion. He doesn’t share any other traits with the other Astral champions — but he does have a cool ability. In TFT Dragonlands, Varus has the “Chain of Constellations” ability. When used, Varus throws out a tendril toward his target that will strike whatever enemy it finds first. The tendril does physical damage and stuns the enemy for a duration. The tendril then spreads out to three nearby enemies, this time dealing magic damage and stunning them for a duration, too.


  • Aurelion Sol (10g/Astral/Evoker/Dragon): Despite the Astral trait having many low-cost champions, the it also has Aurelion Sol, one of the most expensive champions in the history of TFT. The 10-cost Evoker Dragon gives the Astral trait some late-game assistance with his Black Hole ability. Asol places an area of effect black hole underneath a random enemy and, after a short duration, it explodes, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit. Every time Asol casts this black hole in a round, it grows bigger and does more damage.

Sample composition

This composition is very simple. Players trying Astral for the first time in TFT set 7 should just do what their instincts tell them to do — and that’s hitting the refresh key while picking up the different Astral champions along the way.

After players acquire all the three-star Astral champions, they should look to find Asol. Having the nine-Astral champion interval active will allow players to find infinite items. That will allow them to really bling out their golden champions. Typically, Varus will be the main carry with Illoai being the main tank. That changes, of course, when players find Aurelion Sol.

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