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The very last patch of the TFT: Reckoning season has finally arrived. It’s been one rollercoaster of a ride but TFT Patch 11.21 will be the final send off for Set 5.5. With TFT Set 6 coming out in just two weeks, Riot is going very light with the touches for the final patch of the set. However, there are still changes that players should be aware of — especially if they plan on trying to hit their desired rank before the end of the season. Here is a breakdown of all the important changes coming to TFT: Reckoning Patch 11.21, which will go live on Oct. 20.

Kayle ascends for the last time

The five-cost units in TFT: Reckoning have widely missed the mark. In fact, for a majority of the set, almost none of them were ever used as the primary carry in a composition. Instead, players elected to just use four-cost carries and, if they were high rolling, just roll for three-star version of those champions. Kayle was one of those five-cost champions intended to be a premier carry. Although she had a couple of patches where she was top tier, for the rest of the set outside of that small window, she has disappeared from the meta game.

In the patch notes, Riot acknowledged this and even stated, “Kayle still hasn’t had her time to shine in the Dawn of Heroes —well, that’s about to change.” They were not kidding. In TFT Patch 11.21, Kayle is receiving some pretty big buffs. Her Ascension ability will now ascend on every 12th auto attack instead of every 15th, and her final ascension damage is being increased from 80 damage to 90 at one-star. Her damage at two-star is going up from 125 to 150.

Kayle looks like she will finally be that premier five-cost carry that has been lacking the entire set.

Three-cost champions take a step back

Outside of four-cost carries, three-cost ones have been a menace all set. The biggest offenders have by far been Zyra and Miss Fortune. Both of these champions benefited greatly from the new Archangels Staff that was introduced at the beginning of set 5. As such, they have been either at the very top of the meta game or, at the very least, they’ve stayed viable the entire time. With TFT Patch 11.21 being the last of the set, Riot decided to make sure that the thing people remember about the set isn’t these champions. So they are getting nerfed.

Both of these champions are getting their spells nerfed at the three-star power level. Zyra’s Grasping Roots will now only do 525 damage instead of 575. And, Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain will now only do 550 damage instead of 600.

Both of these nerfs will keep the champions in check until the TFT: Reckoning goes away in a couple of weeks

Sentinels get adjusted

Heading into the very last patch of TFT: Reckoning, the sets newest trait, Sentinels will be given some power shifting. At the beginning of set 5.5, it was Lucian who did the heavy lifting, despite the composition having the five-cost Akshan. As the set went on, players started to drop Lucian in favor of Akshan. His power was seen at the TFT Reckoning World Championship; the centerpiece of many top finishing compositions. In TFT Patch 11.21, the roles of Lucian and Akshan are bound to switch again.

Akshan’s health is being decreased from 850 base to 800 base. This nerf will make him less likely to survive at the start of the round before he ramps up. Lucian, on the other hand, is getting an attack damage buff to 75 from 70. On top of that, the Sentinel attack speed bonus is being buffed at the nine Sentinels interval from 500% to 600%.

Essentially, this means that players will now have to choose whether to prioritize Lucian or Akshan. If they decide to just use both, going way deep into the Sentinel tree will be rewarded.